By this time I’m probably with my mom at some little mountain church function, since that’s mainly what she spends her Sundays doing. I grew up as a good christian girl, went to the yay jeebus school and the yay jeebus sleep away camp. Actually I got my first crush at church camp. She was gorgeous and I knew I was going straight to hell.

My mom knows what I do, who I live with,and my “lifestyle” and I’m proud of the way she’s learned to accept it all. Not sure how her friends would react, but still it’s good to go home sometime and bond with the family.

I will prolly also being hanging out with my baby sister Nae and my nephew J since they both live with mom. OMG he is the cutest most handsome little man in the world!!! He looks just like a little man too, so it’s hard to think of him as a toddler…until he cries lol! I am so excited to see them both again. I’m also hoping to catch time with my little brother R and his girl too.

~ by An Amazing Woman on August 24, 2008.

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