Pour yourself a drink,
Raise a glass to toast.
When the glasses clink,
That’s the part I love the most…

Here’s to now and cheers to new beginnings! Suffice to say life has been a bit amazing lately, a lot of new things…the side effect being that I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to update the ol’ blog.

I’ve become lazy and have relied on Facebook to post my doings. I’ve been naughty, what can I say 😉

I now sit here in my cozy home, leopard print couch astrewn with various toys, implements of pain, and sundry lengths of rope. Last year I toured for over 7 months and this year I’ve been in and out of town, and I’ve taken on a slave-to-be-considered, finally. I finally now get my chance to ponder back on it all and bask in this rare spare time.

This year I got to work at Comic Con for Adult Swim. If you know me then you know just how damned rad that is. I love Adult Swim and I hold a special place in my pants for Comic Con. I got to work in the karaoke cage in their funhouse with Big. Big and I both love karaoke, it’s our thing, so imagine how fun that was for us!

I have also managed to manifest some wonderful people into my life, all of them creative with wonderful personalities, including a couple of writers, one of whom belongs to me. So far he is doing well though he is but a newb.

I was loathe to accept such a fledgling but I dug the cut of his jib…besides he opened with the second half of the first line of “Song of Myself” by Walt Whitman, to which I replied with the first half (but of course). I look forward to seeing how this one goes.

his name is slave scribe and he recently had his first experience at a play party. It was with my Ffamily here in LA and his reactions were simply precious. I put him through the tiniest of gambits that night, it was a lot for him but he was a trooper through it all. Also he’s adorbs when he’s all tied up and cleaning my place. I think I will keep him.

I am still mentoring a House, they are located in San Diego (whale’s vagina) and are therefore too far for my liking but it works with a mentor capacity. Good times I tell you! Actually by mentoring this House I am also being forced to polish up my own skills so I don’t become stagnant. When you’ve been doing something for as long as I have stagnation is a real concern. But it’s always best to kick things around every now and then…and I mean that in the literal sense as well.

I’m a literal person, literally.

As I look down the barrel of my schedule I find that, happily, I am sticking around La La Land more. This is a happy thing, complete with yay-inducing implications. I am looking forward to jumping head first back into my writing and doing what I love to do.

One of those beloved things is teaching rope bondage and I am so excited about my new class location: Bordello of Decadence (BOD). BOD is such an amazingly chill space and it is laid out perfectly for my kind of classes. I recently taught my “At Your Service: Fun and Practical Techniques for Service Bondage” there and everyone had room to get on the floor and rig with me.

There’s this one point during my classes where all the students and partners and steadfastly rigging away, following along in class, and there is a gorgeous silence filled only with various levels of breathing and the “schkrick” of the ropes as they are being pulled through the makings of a harness. It is music to my ears.

That happened twice at my class at BOD.

On that note I will sign off. I’m heading to Korean BBQ with some awesome friends. Yum.

~ by An Amazing Woman on August 31, 2013.

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