Human Chandelier in Chicago

I love traveling this amazing country and sharing my art and my passion with as many people as I can find. I’m always thrilled by the richness of hospitality I find with the kinksters and bondage enthusiasts I encounter along the way. But what truly surprises me are the non-kinksters, or “vanillas” as we call them, who commission me to create beautiful things with ropes on humans simply for the love of the art. There aren’t a lot of professional BDSM work opportunities out there that allow for a vanilla or mainstream cross-over, but so far so good. I think I’ll keep this up.
Recently I was hired to rig for an artistic bondage shoot in Chicago by an amateur but up and coming photographer. I guess the Human Chandelier is becoming a bit of a signature piece of mine, it seems to be the one most requested.

~ by An Amazing Woman on May 8, 2015.

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