Looking Glass


I am just a human with various passionate talents. Aside from my work behind the camera as a photographer and as a bondage rigger, I am also a performance artist and newbie model. Here you can click on the links to see some short clips of me in action!

To see photos of me, check out My Gallery

To book Nikki Nefarious for rigging, lessons, or classes email: MsNikkiNefarious@gmail.com

To book AlteredAperture for a photoshoot email: AlteredAperture@gmail.com

Here are a couple of clips found on Liberator’s Backstage portion of their website.


With Nicotine


With Vivian Ireene Pierce


With mia

And here are a couple more little tidbits:


With Sabrina Fox


Interview by Fivestar

selfbondage2Self Bondage Suspension

latexloverskin2expo07Interview by CurrentTV at Skin Two Expo 2007

krshoesHostess for Kink Report: Shoe Fetish

krrestraintsHostess for Kink Report: Restraints

krcagesptHostess for Kink Report: Cages and Confinement

krbdsmptHostess for Kink Report: What is BDSM Anyway

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  2. […] Looking Glass […]

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