Sessions and Bookings


Ms Nikki Nefarious is available in the LA area for both Domination Sessions and Bondage Lessons.  When contacting Ms Nikki Nefarious, please include all pertinent information as well as a return contact, Nikki will get in touch with you to schedule an appointment.

Domination Sessions:

Ms Nikki Nefarious is now scheduling sessions and will be working out of Dungeon Servitus LA. Her specialties include:

Impact Play
Sensation Play
Mental Bondage
Edge Play

She is scheduling individual sessions as well as sessions for couples. Feel free to email Her for more information and to schedule a session: MsNikkiNefarious  When you email please describe the session you wish to book, your limits, availability, and your contact information. References may be required.

Bondage Lessons:

Nikki Nefarious is now scheduling bondage lessons on an individual, couples,  and group basis.  Lesson sessions can be booked in hour segments and will I tailor a class according to your time frame to focus on one of the following:

Beginner’s Bondage
Intermediate Bondage
Decorative Bondage
Bondage for Sex
Suspension Bondage (please note that you must take at least the Intermediate Bondage lesson before booking the Suspension Bondage lesson).

If your group or organization is interested in booking Nikki Nefarious for a class, simply get in touch and include your time frame, location, and whether or not travel and board will be covered: MsNikkiNefarious

If you would rather be a voyeur, you can always check out my bondage clips4sale studio!

4 Responses to “Sessions and Bookings”

  1. Hey girl<< I need to schedule a photoshoot with you. and get it on the calemder for sometime in Octobor….

  2. It is good to see that you are really busy. congrats. I knew you would go far.
    I see that I missed you on your trip home. darn it..

    Do you know of another really good photographer that has a sense
    of creativity in the general area…???
    it is time for me to have new pics and I just hate the same ol, same ol….stuff….

    Please and thanks..

  3. Love to speak about extended session PLEASE!

  4. email Me for session inquiries at

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