Human Chandelier in Chicago

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I love traveling this amazing country and sharing my art and my passion with as many people as I can find. I’m always thrilled by the richness of hospitality I find with the kinksters and bondage enthusiasts I encounter along the way. But what truly surprises me are the non-kinksters, or “vanillas” as we call them, who commission me to create beautiful things with ropes on humans simply for the love of the art. There aren’t a lot of professional BDSM work opportunities out there that allow for a vanilla or mainstream cross-over, but so far so good. I think I’ll keep this up.
Recently I was hired to rig for an artistic bondage shoot in Chicago by an amateur but up and coming photographer. I guess the Human Chandelier is becoming a bit of a signature piece of mine, it seems to be the one most requested.

Lifestyle Development and…bondage?

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Annie Cruz tied

These photos are the happy result of a private bondage class I taught for Annie Cruz and Dr. Don. These two are on a mission to help others create an intentional lifestyle. Annie Cruz is a porn star and personality on Playboy Radio. Her partner, Dr Don, is one of the top PUA’s in the industry and they have combined their efforts at

They wanted a private bondage class to show them the ropes. The students in private classes get to decide what will be taught and theylearn at their own pace instead of having to wait for the rest of the class. Also they get a custom lesson that was designed just for them.

I make friends out of my students, and these two were no exception. After the class we went out to a lovely local rooftop bar for a celebration toast to their newly expanded horizons.


Adventures in Personal Dominance (life coaching)

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I’ve always enjoyed telling folk what to do. In my younger years I was the confidant and the advice-giver to many of my peers. Needless to say, life coaching comes naturally to me and I’ve been doing this for quite sometime now.

I love it. I really do get a satisfaction in helping people achieve their goals. Over the past several months I’ve been working with people specifically dealing with health and personal care goals, specifically creating a healthier lifestyle and becoming more organized, confident, and/or more effective in the process.

I’m also not afraid to take my own advice. And thus I’ve embarked on a journey into Kundalini Yoga. So far, so good.

I may have mentioned in the past how much I love TRX workouts. I do! First off, it is a Suspension training system, so, you know, it has the word “suspension” in it. I’ve turned so many of my personal domination clients on to this amazingness!!

My latest client used to session with me but wanted more control over his life from me, so he was excited to learn that I do life coaching. He was not excited to learn that this type of suspension training doesn’t actually involve ropes. So far he’s been doing well on his home organization and goal-setting assignments and I am excited about where this goes for him though I can already tell he’s gung ho about the whole thing.


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Pour yourself a drink,
Raise a glass to toast.
When the glasses clink,
That’s the part I love the most…

Here’s to now and cheers to new beginnings! Suffice to say life has been a bit amazing lately, a lot of new things…the side effect being that I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to update the ol’ blog.

I’ve become lazy and have relied on Facebook to post my doings. I’ve been naughty, what can I say 😉

I now sit here in my cozy home, leopard print couch astrewn with various toys, implements of pain, and sundry lengths of rope. Last year I toured for over 7 months and this year I’ve been in and out of town, and I’ve taken on a slave-to-be-considered, finally. I finally now get my chance to ponder back on it all and bask in this rare spare time.

This year I got to work at Comic Con for Adult Swim. If you know me then you know just how damned rad that is. I love Adult Swim and I hold a special place in my pants for Comic Con. I got to work in the karaoke cage in their funhouse with Big. Big and I both love karaoke, it’s our thing, so imagine how fun that was for us!

I have also managed to manifest some wonderful people into my life, all of them creative with wonderful personalities, including a couple of writers, one of whom belongs to me. So far he is doing well though he is but a newb.

I was loathe to accept such a fledgling but I dug the cut of his jib…besides he opened with the second half of the first line of “Song of Myself” by Walt Whitman, to which I replied with the first half (but of course). I look forward to seeing how this one goes.

his name is slave scribe and he recently had his first experience at a play party. It was with my Ffamily here in LA and his reactions were simply precious. I put him through the tiniest of gambits that night, it was a lot for him but he was a trooper through it all. Also he’s adorbs when he’s all tied up and cleaning my place. I think I will keep him.

I am still mentoring a House, they are located in San Diego (whale’s vagina) and are therefore too far for my liking but it works with a mentor capacity. Good times I tell you! Actually by mentoring this House I am also being forced to polish up my own skills so I don’t become stagnant. When you’ve been doing something for as long as I have stagnation is a real concern. But it’s always best to kick things around every now and then…and I mean that in the literal sense as well.

I’m a literal person, literally.

As I look down the barrel of my schedule I find that, happily, I am sticking around La La Land more. This is a happy thing, complete with yay-inducing implications. I am looking forward to jumping head first back into my writing and doing what I love to do.

One of those beloved things is teaching rope bondage and I am so excited about my new class location: Bordello of Decadence (BOD). BOD is such an amazingly chill space and it is laid out perfectly for my kind of classes. I recently taught my “At Your Service: Fun and Practical Techniques for Service Bondage” there and everyone had room to get on the floor and rig with me.

There’s this one point during my classes where all the students and partners and steadfastly rigging away, following along in class, and there is a gorgeous silence filled only with various levels of breathing and the “schkrick” of the ropes as they are being pulled through the makings of a harness. It is music to my ears.

That happened twice at my class at BOD.

On that note I will sign off. I’m heading to Korean BBQ with some awesome friends. Yum.

Bondage Certificaton: Open Enrollment

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Bondage Certification by Ms Nikki Nefarious

Bondage Certification: Apprentice Course
Individual $175.00 USDCouple $300.00 USD
Open Enrollment. 18+ only.
 payapal buynow

  • When: February 2, 2013. 2pm-9pm
  • Where: Dungeon West, LA
  •    *address given with ticket purchase
  • Bring: Partner! Ropes! Yoga mat or cushion. Comfy clothes.
  •   * Suggest at least 2 lengths each of 15′ and 30-40′
  •   * Nylon/poly or hemp rope. No climbing, coated, or inner-core rope
  •   * Ropes from the big spools at hardware stores are perfect
  • What: All day Bondage Apprentice Certification course
  •   * Catering will be provided
  •   * Exclusive post-graduation party included with ticket
  • There will be testing at the end and a post-graduation party
  • This is a hands-on course so be prepared to tie and be tied

I have had a whirlwind past 7 months traveling all over the country, doing my thing. Now I am back in Los Angeles and I plan on sticking around for a least a little while before I dash off hither and yon again.

I’ve been traveling about teaching bondage certification classes to private individuals and small kinkster groups and I’ve loved it, but I must say I am excited to be back home. I’ve missed you, LA, and it seems like you’ve missed me a bit too. In fact I am so excited to be back home that I have decided to do the first ever open enrollment class for the Bondage Apprentice Certification course.

I am also happy to have partnered with Dungeon West to host this course as well as a post-graduation party included with the ticket; I am even offering a special discounted price on top of all that. I am so excited!! I know that a lot of you have gotten in touch with me wanting to take the certification course so I thought that an open enrollment would be absolutely perfect so that everyone can have a chance to attend the course.

The thing is, the tickets are limited. I always make sure to give each and every student 1-on-1 attention during the class, so in order to do this I have had to limit the number of attendees for each class. The after party is an an exclusive post-graduation party, only class participants can attend the party which will be hosted by Ms Nikki Nefarious and Justine Cross.

That said, you will need to order your tickets fast before they sell out, you must pre-purchase your ticket in order to get the address and to reserve your spot in the course as there will be no ticket sales at the door.

We Won!! 3 AVN Awards for Rubber Bordello!

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AVN 2013 Ms Nikki Nefarious and Soma SnakeoilThe photo is from the 2013 AVN Awards with Soma Snakeoil and Nikki Nefarious for our movie Rubber Bordello, which was nominated for 8 awards. We won 3 of them!! Best BDSM release, Best Soundtrack, and Best Original Song. This was my first feature and I am so proud to have co-starred and been a part of something so amazing.

I am truly honored that our movie won Best BDSM release because it gives a sincere glimpse into our fetish world as it was written, produced, and starred by people who live the BDSM lifestyle and aren’t simply acting a role.

I had the best time signing at the booth, taking photos with fans, tying up Celeste Star, and being interviewed…


photo(26)I even got to go out on the town and see LOVE, the Beatles Cirque Du Soleil show at the Mirage with Big, which was an amazing show and I had a great time just being able to get out and have fun without having to work…not that my work isn’t fun.

photo(24)At the end of the awards show we all learned about the wins for Rubber Bordello. I couldn’t believe it!! One of our competitors for Best Original Song was Snoop Dogg (Snoop Lion?) and we still won!

I’m Signing at AVN Awards 2013

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AVN 2013

I am so excited to announce that I will be signing at the Juicy Entertainment booth at the 30th Anniversary AVN Awards show January 2013!!

Along with Soma Snakeoil and Ms Nikki Nefarious will be signing copies of their movie Rubber Bordello. Rubber Bordello is up for 8 AVN awards including

  • Best Art Direction
  • Best BDSM Release
  • Best Comedy
  • Best Director-Feature
  • Best Editing
  • Best Makeup
  • Best Original Song (download through iTunes)
  • Best Music Soundtrack (download through iTunes)

You can get your own copy of Rubber Bordello or see the movie at the Juicy site.


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