We Won!! 3 AVN Awards for Rubber Bordello!

AVN 2013 Ms Nikki Nefarious and Soma SnakeoilThe photo is from the 2013 AVN Awards with Soma Snakeoil and Nikki Nefarious for our movie Rubber Bordello, which was nominated for 8 awards. We won 3 of them!! Best BDSM release, Best Soundtrack, and Best Original Song. This was my first feature and I am so proud to have co-starred and been a part of something so amazing.

I am truly honored that our movie won Best BDSM release because it gives a sincere glimpse into our fetish world as it was written, produced, and starred by people who live the BDSM lifestyle and aren’t simply acting a role.

I had the best time signing at the booth, taking photos with fans, tying up Celeste Star, and being interviewed…


photo(26)I even got to go out on the town and see LOVE, the Beatles Cirque Du Soleil show at the Mirage with Big, which was an amazing show and I had a great time just being able to get out and have fun without having to work…not that my work isn’t fun.

photo(24)At the end of the awards show we all learned about the wins for Rubber Bordello. I couldn’t believe it!! One of our competitors for Best Original Song was Snoop Dogg (Snoop Lion?) and we still won!

~ by An Amazing Woman on January 23, 2013.

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