Like Ropes? Buy Some!

I have my own style of rigging, just like I have my own style of ropes.The reason I decided to make my own ropes is because I like to match the rope colors to pin-up outfits if I can and I find that multi-tonal blends are easier to see than flat colored ropes.

See…here’s a shot of a red dress tied in flat red rope.

Now…here’s a close up of a red dress tied in multi-tonal red rope. Pretty effin neat if you ask me!

Each of my ropes are hand treated, colored, and finished by me. I have gotten a lot of mileage out of them and I’ve gotten a lot of comments and interests about the type of rope I use. So I decided to sell some and take custom orders πŸ™‚

Custom Colors, all of these are multi-tonal blends:

*Red *Yellow *Pink *Purple *Black *Green *Wine

Lengths are $1 for each foot, a minimum of 30 feet. To order send me an email at MsNikkiNefarious and specify the color and length you need. Allow 2-4 weeks for custom orders.

3 Responses to “Like Ropes? Buy Some!”

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  2. These ropes photograph with a brilliance that is outstanding, and are highly recommended to anyone who appreciates top quality !

  3. Sweeet! I love your ropes! I’d rather buy some ropes you’ve used than new ones, so they’ve had more time to soak up some of that wonderful Miss Nefarious essence. πŸ˜‰

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