Handfasting – The Matrimonial Bondage Experience

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I am traveling to the Carolinas this month to perform a Handfasting ceremony and I couldn’t be happier.

Many of you may not know that I am an ordained Reverend, able to give all rites. As you can imagine, it is quite an honor for me to be a part of such a gorgeous ceremony as a handfasting. I will not only be tying two people together, I will also be binding them together as one united entity in the bonds of matrimony.

Years ago, my husband and I had a bondage suspension wedding which remains one of my happier memories. I am deeply honored to be able to provide that same energy for this happy couple to be wed. In a quite ironic twist of fate, it turns out that this handfasting will take place at the very same location as my non-bondage wedding, only I will be on the other side of the altar.

This will be a very traditionally styled southern plantation wedding with the handfasting ceremony built in as a sort of hiding-in-plain-sight ritual to express this couple’s personal desires and beliefs. So while this is not a bondage wedding, the energy and the intent will be there and I will be there to facilitate. I must say am thoroughly excited to be a part of this, words can’t even express.

Ms Nikki Nefarious Featured in The Book of Kink: Sex Beyond the Missionary

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I am so excited to tell you all know that I have been featured in the amazing new book, The Book of Kink: Sex Beyond the Missionary by Eva Christina. This sweet little paperback is filled to the brim with fascinating tidbits all about the world of kink. The author doesn’t just stop at “traditional” kink, and in fact not even the vanilla nor the mainstream are safe from being exposed in this factual look into all things kink related. Even lifetime kinksters might find themselves surprised at what they read in “The Book of Kink.”

For example, did you know there is a “Catholic Kama Sutra”? There sure is and the best part of all, it was written by a Priest who, fittingly, is named Knotz. I am featured and quoted in a couple of areas throughout the book, specifically the sections on Podophilia (foot fetish) and Vincilagnia (rope bondage).  Here is a snippet of a quote from yours truly, “What I really love about the rope bondage is every little nuance has purpose to it… There’s a very specific structure you have to follow [such as areas on the body to avoid, weight-bearing harness principles, etc] but at the same time, if you want to make something creative and beautiful, you can make it within that structure. It’s kinetic art…” I am pleased to say that my Sister, Goddess Soma, is also featured in this book’s latex section, of course. This is definitely a very interesting read, full of really great trivia, a glossary, and fascinating stories.

Naughty Rik Kitten!

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So my dear Rik Kitten has given me a naughty gift!! Every time I visit it seems like he’s always got these new gadgets and toys and something new to show me. He always seems to be on the cutting edge of beauty and health indulgences and he’s always introducing me to something new and nummy. Whether it is a new nail polish technology, or the yummiest darkest chocolate I’ve ever tasted, or the cutest most frilliest lolitta dress this side of Japan, or the newest HD handheld video camera components; either way I always find some new “thing” at Rik’s.

He has also given me a reason to be a fat drunk person, albeit a very happy one 🙂 This time he introduced me to a product that is most dangerously amazing and indulgent…and he is such a naughty kitten for that!! Alcohol-infused whipped cream, of the caramel variety. That was the gift he gave me!! Can you believe him! Whipped cream that is 10% alcohol and tastes like caramel!!! Great, now I have to go home, and enjoy getting fat and drunk, gee, thanks Rik Kitten 😉

Pictures from Japan

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I had the best time while visiting Tokyo and I wanted to share some photos I took while on my trip. I like Japan. I must say. I got to do a bit of site-seeing and I got to go to see Me First and the Gimme Gimme’s show, after which I had the pleasure of attending an SM club in Shibuya. Here are some highlights from my trip, with some commentary, but if you want to skip all that you can go straight to my photography site, AlteredAperture, and check out the Japan Gallery. But seriously, you’ll at least want to scroll down to read the last bit of commentary and see the accompanying photos. Don’t forget, you can click on the images to make them bigger.

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Scan Me Baby

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I like to consider myself savvy of “teh interwebs”. As such I’ve decided I’d go on ahead and digitize myself a la QR code. It is neat. All you have to do is scan this nifty little block of pixelated awesomeness above with your smart phone and weeee there I am, right there in your cell phone browser. Hands free access to MsNikkiNefarious.com. Just scan me baby.

You are welcome 😉

An Alternate Universe

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For all intents and purposes I am on a professional outting just outside of town. The county fair is going on right beyond the hotel gates. As a Southern girl I do enjoy a county fair 🙂

I got to spend the weekend watching live cooking competitions, livestock shows, and I spent hours in the arts and crafts section of the fair geeking out over competition tablescapes and original costume designs. Not to mention the rides and the fine dining such as foot long double dipped corndogs and deep fried Snickers, which I can tell you from experience are both amazing!! When I wasn’t embracing my inner child at the fair I was soaking up all the amenities at the hotel. Lounging in the hot tub at the end of the day, with a view of the mountains in the distance and palm trees all around me, became a mini ritual. Afterward I would dry off in the sauna, or go for a massage.

There was a Leadership Conference going on inside the convention rooms of the hotel. I’ve been to that same conference so many times during my years in the American Marketing Association. You couldn’t get away from it if you were inside the hotel and I have to say it was so familiar to me, I could almost sense when a new keynote speaker stepped up to the podium and began. I won’t lie, there was a part of me who missed that. There was a part of me who missed being on the giving side of an Ishikawa diagram, explaining the DMAIC Process….

But then I thought to myself, gee what a nice hobby that would be, and in an alternate universe I am still doing just that as a profession; but right here, right now, I’m happy making a happy living tying up beautiful people in beautiful places all around this beautiful world. And I end my night in this universe with a beer in the hot tub.

Hermione from Harry Potter Bound?

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So I get a lot of pics from people who send them to me for feedback or just to show me something neat, sometimes the images are great, sometime they are funny, sometimes they are just bad….and sometimes they actually surprise me. My fans know that I am a Harry Potter fan and so I received a fun little link, upon which I clicked, to see the above thumbnail.

I actually had to click on the thumbnail to make it larger. She looks…just like…OMG…but but but…Hermione?!!

The powers of the chop-shop-pic. Ah, but there are a few more too!! I post these for your geekgasm enjoyment:

In the Kitchen: Bento Moon and Star

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Hey yall!! Ok so I get into things and after coming back from Japan it is not surprising that I am into bento now. It’s just cute and fun, you play with your food, what more could I ask for! Here is my first attempt at a bento of my own. I made coriander chicken burgers shaped like cresent moons, then a bit of gruyere cheese as the star, bedded on home made fried rice, on the other side is a strawberry rose, a mixed salad and a riceball soaked in ginger salad dressing and dyed yellow.  I just wanted to post this because I can and little things like this make me happy! Have a great day yall!!

Even Ninjas Need To Eat

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I had dinner the first night in Japan at Restaurant Ninja. I wish I could have filmed the whole experience, it was amazing!! We were greeted in the tiniest little room by a guide in full Ninja garb and told that we would begin our Ninja training momentarily. Ah! How exciting!! I’m a big ol dork so I love this shit. We have to duck to enter a teeeeeeny secret door in the wall, balancing on craggy soggy terrain in a very narrow tunnel with waterfalls audible in close proximity, we slowly make our way through the path which is faintly lit by flickering “torches” on the floor. After this first trek we spill into a maze of “jail cells” and dead ends and more secret tunnels….then a draw bridge, which was awesome because I mean it’s a draw bridge inside the basement of a building in Japan!

These “jail cells” were neat, some looked just like jails to where you can see through the bars from the hallway to the inner rooms which were actually little private dining rooms. Some of the cells didn’t have bars, just heavy looking doors to mimic dungeon rooms that you can’t see into from the hallway. Appropriately we were placed in a dungeon!!!!!!! The room was small and dark and we had to remove our shoes in the hallway and sit on mats on the floor, but thankfully the table was sunken in so we had room to dangle our feet. I loved our little dungeon dining room!

The food presentation was awe inspiring. I didn’t want to be that colossal goob who takes photos of everything, so I let a few of the presentations skip my lens. One of which was a foie gras dish that was over a foot high and had food in the shapes of throwing stars and whatnot. They had this nummy “Ninja Fakeout” dish with tofu and lobster meant to look and taste like a custard tarte and I swear that was neat! I snuck in a couple of food photos, like this unfortunately blurry pic of a meat cupcake (which is probably only hilarious to Mess and Janice) and a pretty display of sushi that was lit from the bottom with rainbow LED rights.

Meat meet Cupcake. Cupcake, meet Meat. MeatCupcake!!!! Mashed potato top with edible gold garnish, over a “cup” of some manner of minced marinated pork-of-awesome rolled in a flat biscuity thinger.

What a cute way to display sushi!! It’s a bed of shaved ice, but in the bottom of the dish there are LED lights that alternate colors; sadly my camera flash washed out the effect but it was really pretty.  I like my food all high tech yeah!!

The dinner was only part of our “training” we had some fine entertainment with Ninja Magic!! I’ve seen some amazing slight of hand card tricks in my day by some amazing artists at the Magic Castle…but I was stunned at the Ninja skills on display right there at our dungeon table. First of all, it was a very small room, only the few of us in my group were able to fit, so there was no stage or distance between us and the Ninja…all the tricks were done right under our noses in front of our eyes and not one of use could see what or how the hell this guy was doing this stuff.

At the end of the night I was happy to get checked into my international hotel, where I was greeted by comfy beds instead of tatami mats on the floor and also along with the customary Holy Bible I am used to seeing in hotels, there beside was The Teaching of Buddha which tickled me 🙂

Holy Bible and Teaching of Buddha in my hotel

View of Tokyo from my hotel room

As an aside, dig on the streets here…that’s three layers of street going on there. I think that’s neat. I also think it’s neat that they read up-to-down rather than left-to-right like on the street sign I posted below.

Their streets go up

Their words go down


Going to Japan, brb

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Classes and sessions will not be in session until I return from the land of the rising sun.

I have never been to Japan before, but I am really excited to go! I hear tell that they do this fun thing with ropes over there 😉 I plan on taking a lot of touristy pictures so I will be posting those once I get back state side.

I am going with an open mind and no schedule to speak of. I have no plans of doing anything specific and I do not now anyone who lives there. I used to plan and schedule the hell out of everything I did, and now I find that I tend to dig on a more laissez faire method. Come to think of it I also dig the socioeconomic method of the same name.

So that said I will more than likely be out of commission while I am away.  Please be patient with emails and messages sent to me during this time. I’m leaving this friday and returning the next. Send happy thoughts/vibes/prayers!

In the meantime, since I know you’ll be missing me and all 😉 subscribe to my youtube channel: JustNikkiNefarious


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