Naughty Rik Kitten!

So my dear Rik Kitten has given me a naughty gift!! Every time I visit it seems like he’s always got these new gadgets and toys and something new to show me. He always seems to be on the cutting edge of beauty and health indulgences and he’s always introducing me to something new and nummy. Whether it is a new nail polish technology, or the yummiest darkest chocolate I’ve ever tasted, or the cutest most frilliest lolitta dress this side of Japan, or the newest HD handheld video camera components; either way I always find some new “thing” at Rik’s.

He has also given me a reason to be a fat drunk person, albeit a very happy one 🙂 This time he introduced me to a product that is most dangerously amazing and indulgent…and he is such a naughty kitten for that!! Alcohol-infused whipped cream, of the caramel variety. That was the gift he gave me!! Can you believe him! Whipped cream that is 10% alcohol and tastes like caramel!!! Great, now I have to go home, and enjoy getting fat and drunk, gee, thanks Rik Kitten 😉

~ by An Amazing Woman on October 14, 2011.

One Response to “Naughty Rik Kitten!”

  1. Nom! Sounds delicious. While you’re in Japan, try to hit up Americatown in Osaka. What a trip.

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