Pictures from Japan

I had the best time while visiting Tokyo and I wanted to share some photos I took while on my trip. I like Japan. I must say. I got to do a bit of site-seeing and I got to go to see Me First and the Gimme Gimme’s show, after which I had the pleasure of attending an SM club in Shibuya. Here are some highlights from my trip, with some commentary, but if you want to skip all that you can go straight to my photography site, AlteredAperture, and check out the Japan Gallery. But seriously, you’ll at least want to scroll down to read the last bit of commentary and see the accompanying photos. Don’t forget, you can click on the images to make them bigger.

I love how cute this adult store is!! I also love how huge and prevalent it is, right there in the middle of the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world. That photo in the middle is dog houses from a store in Harajuku. I mean really, so much cute, dogs there have their paws dyed to look like little booties and folk dress them up and parade them around, no lie. Also, that sign reads “Smile Junky” and it is the name of this awesomely adorable little bar. I just liked the name a lot!

The main street of Haraku square is called Takeshita, which inspired many a joke thanks to my traveling companion’s sophomoric humor. This was only made worse when we turned a corner to see the sign proclaiming “We Go Takeshita” (you see in this joke the “Harajuku” part is silent). *Facepalm* Anywho, check out that last pic, it was taken from the Shibuya crossing, it’s a large tv that plays ads and music videos all day. It’s pretty neat.

The only place I’ve ever seen these full size oldschool Godzilla and Voltron toys was in my NC home that I shared with my husband who has the most amazing collection of 80s toys in the world. That is, until I visited the largest manga store in Japan! I was so excited to see these, but it made me homesick. Look at the middle pic, it was in front of a clothing shop in Harajuku, instead of a head it wears a latex bunny mask, bc yeah, that happens in Japan. And yes, my shirt says “Miso Cute” and yes, I made it myself 😉

We went to visit a Shinto temple in Tokyo. I learned how to do a traditional Shinto prayer and I got my fortune at the altar. It was fascinating to see such a beautiful balance with this ancient tradition still alive in a land of cutting edge technology. I also found it neat to see two highly recognizable symbols, the swastika and the rainbow flag, being used unaltered as it has for centuries. It just goes to show that symbols have no power but for what the beholder puts in them.

On my last night we passed a couple of fun possibilities for the night. The Mistress Bar sign is on the ground, eye level, all manner of family restaurants on either side of this place. The middle pic is from a standup poster in a similar family-centric location in a shopping mall. They don’t care, it’s just half nekkid girls tied up on a poster, wanna fight about it. That would never fly in the States, but man if it could that’d be awesome. But before I could hit up the fun clubs, it was time to catch the Me First and the Gimme Gimme’s show.

But before my time in Japan was through I got to visit an SM club and do a few suspensions. The first one was awesome, one of the Ladies from the House wanted to go up, but she didn’t speak a word of english. There’s something gorgeous about the fact that she let me put her up without any actual words being said, I just positioned her body as I wanted her to stand. That middle pic is mid-tie during a transition from vertical to inverted suspension. Another suspension I did was on a sweet new girl who was just visiting the club and always wanted to be suspended, she asked me to put her up and I got the Shibari Mistress’s permission but the girl didn’t want photos. It is so huge of a respect thing that they let me suspend not once, but three times! During my first 2 suspensions, the club business went on as usual, people did their thing, the bar tender tended bar; I love it that this is so common place here, like home.

After my second suspension I got to witness the Shibari Mistress do a performance in which she turned someone into an upside down chandelier. This is remarkable because this was the very FIRST suspension I did on the west coast when I moved to Los Angeles from North Carolina. To see an actual Japanese Shibari Mistress do that same suspension pose, well it was as if my world came full circle, again. Later, before the night was over, a couple of friends wanted to be suspended and so I did my 3rd and final rig of the night. This one was a special one on so many reasons that I can’t get into right now…but let’s just say the entire club felt the energy. I did my “couple’s tie” where I suspend two people at the same time from the same suspension point. During the suspension time stopped, and so did the whole club…the bartender came out from behind the bar, everyone came and sat down to watch, even the Shibari Mistress was front and center, having never seen anything like this before, she said. At the end of the night the girls, the Ladies, and the Mistress lined up and, instead of the customary bowing of the head, I was sent off with hugs and praise and I floated on a cloud all the way back to USA.

Don’t forget to see the rest in my AlteredApeture: Japan Gallery

~ by An Amazing Woman on October 10, 2011.

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