An Alternate Universe

For all intents and purposes I am on a professional outting just outside of town. The county fair is going on right beyond the hotel gates. As a Southern girl I do enjoy a county fair 🙂

I got to spend the weekend watching live cooking competitions, livestock shows, and I spent hours in the arts and crafts section of the fair geeking out over competition tablescapes and original costume designs. Not to mention the rides and the fine dining such as foot long double dipped corndogs and deep fried Snickers, which I can tell you from experience are both amazing!! When I wasn’t embracing my inner child at the fair I was soaking up all the amenities at the hotel. Lounging in the hot tub at the end of the day, with a view of the mountains in the distance and palm trees all around me, became a mini ritual. Afterward I would dry off in the sauna, or go for a massage.

There was a Leadership Conference going on inside the convention rooms of the hotel. I’ve been to that same conference so many times during my years in the American Marketing Association. You couldn’t get away from it if you were inside the hotel and I have to say it was so familiar to me, I could almost sense when a new keynote speaker stepped up to the podium and began. I won’t lie, there was a part of me who missed that. There was a part of me who missed being on the giving side of an Ishikawa diagram, explaining the DMAIC Process….

But then I thought to myself, gee what a nice hobby that would be, and in an alternate universe I am still doing just that as a profession; but right here, right now, I’m happy making a happy living tying up beautiful people in beautiful places all around this beautiful world. And I end my night in this universe with a beer in the hot tub.

~ by An Amazing Woman on October 2, 2011.

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