What a Predicament Class LA Aug 27

Hi everyone!! I wanted to give you all an update to let you know that I will be doing a repeat performance of my “What a Predicament” class. I will be teaching my predicament class this weekend in San Diego, but for those in my Los Angeles crowd never fear for I will be teaching this class next weekend right here is lovely la la land. Here is a repost of my class information:

We @DungeonServitus & @StudioServitu are proud to bring you @NikkiNefarious Saturday August 27th @StudioServitu RSVP at StudioServitu@gmail.com

What a Predicament: Predicament Perils for Pleasure and Pain, taught by Ms Nikki Nefarious, is a rope centric interactive class to explore various positions and techniques for predicament bondage. This class caters to both beginners and experienced ropers; and covers safety, basic bondage instruction, and effective yet safe positions. Predicament bondage is an interactive and fun way to add excitement to your play scene by forcing the bound bottom into a position in which they are essentially tied between a rock and a hard place. Faced with multiple options; uncomfortable, sexy, or both; the bound bottom soon discovers they are truly stuck. This class will feature various diabolical methods for predicament bondage. You will want to bring a notebook! You will also want to bring ropes and a willing partner if possible. Individual students are also welcome. Feel free to bring a mat as there will be lying positions taught should you wish to follow along. As in all of Ms Nikki Nefarious’ classes, this will be interactive and hands-on, each couple will receive face to face time with the Instructor to ensure you are doing the ties correctly and safely. This full class is a part of the Bondage Certification Program, for more information or to receive credits toward your bondage certification, please contact MsNikkiNefarious @gmail.com


~ by An Amazing Woman on August 19, 2011.

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