July Newsletter

Hello A/all!

I just wanted to let you know what I will be getting into over the next few weeks. It’s definitely an exciting time. And YES class is back in session! Spend every weekend over the next 4 weeks with yours truly at one of these kick ass super rad awesome events. Don’t forget to come on up and say hi to me!! But first…

Join My Rope F/family!!

Would you like to be My Rope Apprentice, Demo Bottom, Performance Bottom, or all of the above?
Whether you wish to commit to one-on-one tutelage over time or just for a a one-time class or performance; all you need to do is send an email with your interest!
Email: Newsletter@MsNikkiNefarious.com OR hit me up on FL @MsNikkiNefarious

Save The Date!

July 16 – Class. “Rope Gags and Head Cages” – at Stockroom University
* Yes I know this is during Carmaggeddon but never fear, I will be teaching this class in the upcoming 2nd Annual Bound Los Angeles so you will have another chance to catch this class then!

July 23 – Performance. Medical Night at Bar Sinister

July 24 – Appearance. BSDM Pride Day and TSR Awards Show
*Let’s really celebrate BDSM Pride Day right! Tune in to TSRNetwork.com and watch the awards show for free online!

July 30-31 – Class and Performance. “Sexy Bondage” and “Wearing Ropes”  – at ADULTCON
*I am proud as hell to be a part of AdultCon’s very 1st Fetish Track. I will be performing a stage show and I will be teaching two different classes throughout saturday and sunday.
*All you need is a 1-day pass for either Saturday OR Sunday as I’ll be teaching both of my classes each day.

August 6 – Mini Class. My new “Make Your Own” Series: Human Centerpieces – at Threshold
*This mini class will be all student participation focused on how to make your own human centerpiece – not to be confused with human centipede. Bring a willing partner and decorative items to spruce up your centerpiece, like flowers.
* http://fetlife.com/events/58564

August 13 – Class. “Make Your Own” Series: Human Centerpieces – at Glass Slipper Studio
*This is a full class and will include guided instruction, advanced techniques, and student participation focusing on creating a human centerpiece. Bring decorative items, there will be a contest at the end to determine a prize winner!
* http://fetlife.com/events/61606

Thank Y/you!

I am so excited to be so busy because that’s all the more chance we get to see each other. Isn’t that nice! Bring your friends, bring your F/family, the more the merrier right.

Take care,
~Ms Nikki Nefarious

~ by An Amazing Woman on July 27, 2011.

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