Why Do I Like My Job?

This is from a personal journal prompt, but it is so fitting that I figured I would share it here on my blog.

The prompt was:

“Why do you like your job?”

My short answer:

“Um have you seen my job?” …but then I realized that it probably isn’t quite efficient to answer a question with a question, especially if you are the only person actually involved in said dialogue and thus it is best to answer as best as you can.

My long answer:

I am one of those types who identify with their job. I am the job. That said I had a tough go of it in the corporate world of meaningless meetings and pointless paper pushing; the world of whoever is talking the loudest game wins while those buckled down in their offices doing all the work get passed over. How could I possibly be happy with identifying with that. I wasn’t. I identified with a pointless, thankless, fruitless existence; because my job was pointless, thankless, and fruitless; and thus I felt that I was pointless, thankless, and fruitless . I hoped, back then, that I could fundamentally change. I envied the people who had worked in the same cubicle for 8 years and were happy with that. I hoped that I could be happy with that identity, because frankly I thought those jobs were the only options I had. I couldn’t bear the idea of still being in that cubicle 8 years from then and still being depressed and miserable. I hoped I could change. I stopped hoping for that. I stopped hoping that I would change to fit my job, and instead I hoped for a job that would fit me. I prayed on it.

I love the job that I have now because my job is a God send. There was a point in my life when I didn’t know which direction to go, I had all of these hopes and plans for myself but try as I might I just couldn’t seem to make any headway. I was fighting and trying with all my might, but I was only treading water. Finally I gave it all up to God, I let go of my attachment to all my hopes and dreams and put all my faith right on in there. I’m not lying. It was really hard giving up a lifetime of expectation for yourself, even if it is self-imposed…I felt like a true failure and I felt like I was a quitter. But I realized that I wasn’t quitting, I was just getting started. After all, those were my expectations and maybe a bit from my family – but what the hell did we know anyway and who the hell was I to think that my expectation was the right way for me to go. Nope, maybe it was based on where  thought I *needed* to go, maybe it never occurred to me that I could think on where I *wanted* to go. Surely that is not an option! Surely people punch clocks day in and day out and that is the only option for me too! Damn was I wrong! Of course had I held onto my precious preconceived expectations I never would have realized how wrong I was. So I let it all go. I prayed my little heart out and I asked God to please open the doors and light the way down the path. Not two weeks later I got a call to come work the MTV Movie Awards as an assistant photographer in LA.

Next thing you know I am out here in LA, living a life that is bigger than life, and getting paid to do what I love. I am so blessed. You see, all those years that I was doing the college thing and the corporate job deals I was tying up people and taking photos of them. This was my release, my sanity. I started to realize little by little that I identified with this outlet more than my job. That was just abhorrent to me. I must identify with my job. I am my job. How the hell do I rectify this situation? I couldn’t. At least not on my own. I never wanted to move. EVER. I wanted to stay in my home with my family. But I wanted to be happy also. Happy won out in the end. I won’t go into the miraculous and unbelievable series of events that led me to this life that I live now, but I will say that my job was made just for me and I have found a livelihood with which I can truly identify. In a way it makes me feel whole and in alignment in other words I feel as if I am where I need to do right now, and if that’s not a comfort in the face of scary changes well I don’t know what is.

When I was in business school I learned that one of the most successful things you can do in business is to figure out how to make money doing what you love. I am doing just that.

I love my job because I am able to make a living doing what I love to do. I love my job because my coworkers are more like family. I love my job because I look forward to going to work, to laughing with the guys, to laughing with the girls, to taking photos, to not writing weekly reports because my boss doesn’t know what I do and needs me to tell her,  to not giving presentations no one pays attention to, and yes I even look forward to tying the girls up. I love my job because every single time I work I get to create a work of art, albeit temporary and tied onto someone’s body. I love my job because every single time I work I get a new experience. (did you see that…I just said two “get” sentences with regards to my job, not “give”. that’s another reason right there) I love my job because it has led to yet another outlet, teaching, and every time I learn something new on set that is just one more tidbit I can share with my students.

~ by An Amazing Woman on July 12, 2011.

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