4th of July Weekend – Part 2

This July 4th was definitely not a traditional one for me. Instead of camping or backyard BBQ’ing, I went to Malibu to see the ocean, go to a wine tasting at a 5-Star restaurant, and then see four amazing fireworks shows over the Pacific Ocean from the best view in Malibu.

I had designs on going to the beach proper and actually putting my toes in the water, or at least my feet in the sand. Alas, that was not to be. The beaches were positively packed with people. Of course they were. It’s Malibu on a holiday. Whatever was I thinking? But the drive was gorgeous.

I spent the late afternoon with Big at Beau Rivage. It is that 5-star place I was talking about, and as such it was quite empty…we had the place to ourselves.  tasting wine and chocolate made with port and all manner of nummies.  I like to taste the wine before I read or hear the description so I can try to identify the notes I am tasting before I know what they are. I am getting alright at this wine tasting thing actually. After that, instead of doing a beach picnic, I decided it would be best to get my white ass out of the sun and the crowd. So we went to see a movie instead. We saw Bad Teacher. It was cute.

After the movie it was time to carry on with our plans. Armed with our new chocolates and a couple bottles of wine, we make our way to the party by the pacific. EPIC!! I’ll just describe it as an intimate gathering of amazing people, and even though we weren’t all family and friends we all had a great time drinking and watching the shows. It was amazing. From where we were you could see from bluff to bluff all the way to Santa Monica (well, on a clear night lol). There were four huge barges that set sail from various points along the shore, designed to give everyone along the shore a view of the fireworks show. One after another they began their show and I was fortunate enough to see all four shows from where we were sipping our wine and having a great time.

~ by An Amazing Woman on July 6, 2011.

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