“Being Tied Up is Fun” : Rihanna in Rolling Stone.

In her cover story for Rolling Stone Magazine, Rihanna talks about sex and S and M. For those of you who know you might recall that in her newest music video, titled “S&M”, I actually tied Rihanna up on the floor and she’s thrashing about in my pink rope.

It seems I left an impression! According to her interview she says, “Being tied up is fun.” So true Rihanna, so true. I dig how she prefers her play partner to use hands versus chains and whips and the like, I tend to feel the same way.

Though I do feel that the media over sensationalizes things of this nature, I do dig on how the topic of BDSM is being spoken about with candor. Though this may be gimmicky I’m sure, I do appreciate how BDSM is being exposed to the main stream in such a way as to provoke thought instead of simply providing pure shock value. Now before you start in, I know it can be argued that the “S&M” music video is about as thought provoking as a Victoria’s Secret catalog; however I must say it is a rather catchy ditty and after seeing Rihanna tied up in yellow polkadots and colorful hairbows and pink ropes, somehow bondage doesn’t seem so scary and dirty. There. See.

~ by An Amazing Woman on April 2, 2011.

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