Couple in Trouble

This sexy couple is Ariella Ferrara and Devon Savage and they had a lot of fun while shooting for I like to tie up these two and gag them, otherwise they joke a lot and make me laugh. However I still laugh because Ariella drools all over herself when she’s got a gag in her mouth.

For this bondage scene I stripped Devon Savage nude and tied his ankles and thighs together. Then I tied Ariella right to him, using tight bondage and a lot of rope. They have so much fun when they are in my ropes and soon enough Devon Savage was groping Ariella as she was bound to him…so I simply tied Devon Savage’s wrists tightly and secured them to the rafters. That way he would have to keep his hands to himself haha. After that I took of Ariella Ferrara’s clothes and teased her a bit using my strategically placed crotch rope and “happy knot”. She loved that! After a while I left them alone to struggle together. Talk about a bonding experience for this sexy naked couple of hot asses huh!! I tell you, I truly do enjoy my job!

In fact I love working with couples directly. When I do private classes with couples I find it so fulfilling because I know that once I leave them they will be equipped with the knowledge and skill to further explore fantasies that they might not have before I taught them. I love it when these couples actually invest in a class such as this, when they put their relationship as a priority in that way. This kind of sexual exploration is intense, as they soon learn if they don’t already know, and it really makes me happy to be able to facilitate this experience .

However in my classes I do not bind the couple to each other. Poor Devon Savage and Ariella Ferrara have a different bondage experience together:

~ by An Amazing Woman on January 28, 2011.

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