Dia Zerva for Dungeon Corp

I had the pleasure of tying up Dia Zerva for Dungeon Corp yesterday. I spent a hot 6 hours tying up this sexy bondage model in various strict restraint positions for a fucking machine, strap-on, bondage sex, and lots of caning and flogging.

Dia Zerva is a powerhouse and can take a lot of pain and pleasure, plus she’s really flexible and strong at the same time. I love that! I got to tie the pretty blond in a spread eagle tie on a concrete floor so that she could get fucked by a fucking machine…she had the most explosive orgasm and she squirt two times!

After that I rigged her tight body into a rope suspension: spread leg, tight ropes, breast bondage, and hanging sideways in the air. I had to make sure her pretty pussy was on display for easy access of course! This was a challenging position for her. I put her muscular legs in a frog tie, then I tethered one to the ceiling and the other to the floor, stretching her wide and pulling her legs open. Her arms are bound in a box tie behind her back and her breasts were tied in a restricting harness. It was quite a painful position, as you can see from the look on her face in the photo at the top! But unfortunately for her, this wasn’t the worse part of the suspension…she would later be subject to various forms of erotic torment! She was tickled all over, then there was a toe bondage scene with bastinado on her exposed soles, and finally she was fucked again with a strap on welded by Annie Cruz! Here are a couple of exclusive behind the scenes images  from the first half of the shoot; there’s more to come but that is for a different post 🙂

~ by An Amazing Woman on January 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “Dia Zerva for Dungeon Corp”

  1. Hi Ms. Nikki,

    I really enjoyed your rope class at Threshold. I was looking for some resources to review the ties you demonstrated, but I haven’t found any yet. I went to twisted monk and looked on youtube, but all of the two column ties are considerably different than yours. I really like the way yours looked and worked.

    Can you point me to some resources?

  2. I’m going to be producing a few short instructional videos by request, specifically to cover this issue. Thank you so much for your feedback!

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