A bout of bad health

Sooooo over the past month I’ve been through a bit of bad health. It’s resulted in me going through a series of tests, only to find out the doctors don’t know what’s wrong with me. It happens.

In fact that’s a pic of me up there at the top of this entry.

At the moment I’m sitting here wearing a holter monitor. This brings back painful awful memories. The last time I was made to wear one, it resulted in needing heart surgery.

I’m praying this is just a cautionary measure and there’s no real danger of needing surgery again.
I’ve been through an awful lot in a short amount of time…I won’t bore you with details but suffice to say that I am hoping this series of tests I went through today is the last I’ll have to deal with and my doctor can figure out what’s going on. None of my symptoms seem to make any sense to any one thing, which might just mean I’m a fluke and there’s truly nothing wrong with me.
I can live with being a fluke if that’s the case 🙂

At any rate…I am going to take things super duper easy for a while so that I can focus on my health. Please understand if I don’t respond to messages.

I’m not sure how or if this will affect classes or demos, if at all, but I will keep everyone informed!

Much love to yall,

~ by An Amazing Woman on December 6, 2010.

One Response to “A bout of bad health”

  1. Much love 2U, keep up keeping up, hugs 🙂

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