Introducing My Amazing Puppy

See that pic up there? That’s my handsome ass puppy boi, I named him bear, I know you will love him 🙂 bear is my amazing collared puppy who is new to D/s and bondage but I must say he’s really got the hang of it (I intended that pun).

I had the pleasure of bringing my puppy with me to Folsom St Fair, which as most of you know is my personal mecca, and we had the best times in ropes! This was bear’s first public scene ever, and I was so proud of how he did. At one point in time I tied him to a chain-link fence. he was promptly molestered by a couple of men, much to his dismay and much to my amusement, but I when come on you see some hotness tied to a fence and what would you do? 🙂

After the molestation we walked around and enjoyed people-watching, but there wasn’t as much to see out this year so we had to create our amusement. Luckily there are a good number of bus stops handy…so I suspended bear from the bus stop on Folsom St.  I had replaced the leather harness he originally wore with a rope harness and we ended our day at the fair with a lovely dinner in a lovely restaurant with a lovely group of friends, and yes I made him keep the harness on the whole time. I had such a good time with him, he’s a good puppy and I think I’ll keep him 🙂

~ by An Amazing Woman on October 17, 2010.

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  1. hey look, its me!

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