While I’m Busy

Ya know it takes a lot of time being a full time bondage rigger, director of production and marketing for one of the longest-running fetish companies, and a BDSM educator; especially when you add in my extracurricular activities like practicing my trumpet, aerial silks, fire dancing, performing, and of course reading books in trees. A lady like me can always use a helping hand around the house. This is where my slave-in-training, lil j, comes to play.

lil j is currently training to be my slave and part of his responsibilities is to tend to my cottage once a week, to fill in the blanks of things I can’t get to during my crazy busy schedule. Though I am typically always working on some sort of encoding or writing while he is here, I do enjoy a good treat for my eyes when I can break from away from the computer screen….so I make him dress pretty for me.

I just love this outfit he is wearing. I think a silver and black combo is very classy. I had him wear a satin and lace silver corset, yet his nipples are exposed (all the better for the nipple clamps that came along later in the day). The black pleated skirt really set off the the shine in the corset. And of course I had to add matchy-matchy black stockings, with a seam up the back, black vinyl band at the top and silver ribbon bows to match the corset, I love the bows on the front of  stockings, don’t you think, they are just too precious! lil j supplied the skirt and shoes, which were black spike heels, with a white wingtip-inspired style and a strap around the middle; classic wouldn’t you agree.

There’s something about the click click of spike heels on tile that I just absolutely adore. I do like to hear his dainty little footsteps around the cottage while I toil away at my work of the day. Growing up I did most of the housework for our family of 5, and as such I find it immensely pleasurable to sit back and let my lil j take on these tasks to free up my mind and time for my more higher-level work. Here are a few quick snaps of him in the midst of my midst. Oh, and just so you are warned….I also like to keep lil j equipped with an inflatable plug, and he doesn’t “tuck” so don’t be surprised to see dangling bits in the photos below (click them and they get bigger, you’ll see)

~ by An Amazing Woman on July 11, 2010.

One Response to “While I’m Busy”

  1. Great outfit :o)

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