Under Foot

I love to rig in my bare feet. Actually I love doing most things in my bare feet. And at the end of a long busy day, there’s nothing better than propping my feet up on my bondage pet while I relax.

A lot of clients come to me for this reason actually, I naturally combine foot fetish with inescapable bondage. Though I do like to play tricks on my bondage pet, rik. Sometimes I like to leave the safety scissors within reach of him and I will let him know about it. I love watching him try to wriggle around the room trying to “look” for the scissors even though he is hogtied and his face is mummified so he can’t see.

On occasion, however, I’ll simply place a chair down in the middle of the floor and wait until he squirms near me, then I will prop my feet on him. rik knows better than to keep moving around once I’ve made him into an instant foot stool for me. So, like a good bondage pet, he will sit there in my ropes while I rest my feet…I’m sure he’s just waiting for me to lift my feet so he can keep searching for the scissors.

Imagine rik’s surprise when I showed him this photo….notice where the scissor’s are!! The whole time all he had to do was simply reach back and he would have had his hands right on them and could have gotten himself free of my ropes. Ah well! Poor rik. After I had my fill, I finally set him free of the hogtie…but not from my ropes 🙂

~ by An Amazing Woman on July 9, 2010.

One Response to “Under Foot”

  1. You honor me MsNikki 🙂

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