A pretty contraption

The first time Rik and I sessioned together I expressed to him that I enjoyed objectification, including dollification. It’s one of my things, what can I say. He seemed intrigued by the idea of me turning him into a little dolly for me to play with.

I started by having him wear a pretty blue satin frilly ass dress, it’s so pretty. Stockings and heels were to follow. Once he was dressed I took it upon myself to create his look with makeup – but first I had to rope him down, you know to make sure he didn’t move and smudge the makeup! I made sure to include a rope gag tie-off to keep his head steady. I’m such a sweet and thorough Mistress are I not. 😉

When I was finished primping his hair and putting the finishing touches on his makeup, I added a pretty red ball gag to match his pretty red lipstick. As I untied his hands I could tell that he thought he’d be let loose, but to his surprise I simply moved the his wrists into a different position. This time I placed his hands into a dainty pose by this chin. Isn’t he just pretty as a picture!

I made him sit there for a while as I took a little bit of a break. I made myself some coffee and sat down to enjoy the hot steaminess as my dolly struggled for me, bound and gagged to his chair. By the way, this whole process was video taped…I used his very own personal camera! You can be sure I will post this footage for your amusement at a later date 🙂

Finally I released the doll from his chair and leashed him directly to the stair railing. To make sure he stayed firmly in those cute little black heels I tied them onto his feet, complete with an ankle-hobble so he can’t try to run away. While he stood there I had him bend over and close his eyes while I cleaned up the makeup and set up a surprise from him. Imagine his surprise when he finally opened his eyes to see a massage table and a toolbox…

I stretched him out and strapped him down on the massage table using my pink ropes. I bound his wrists and tethered them so that his hands reached his crotch area. Then I blindfolded him with my favorite scarf, covering his eyes and nose, and made him hold an attachment right onto his boy bit. This attachment led to the toolbox, which houses a powerful motor to control a suction and stoking machine! Once everything was in place I fiddled with the knobs of this new contraption. I had never played with it before, but I tested the suction on my hands and I must say it’s a powerful little device. As I turned the knobs the suction grew stronger and the strokes came quicker and my little dolly squirmed in my ropes. I kept him there for quite a while, but he didn’t seem to mind.

And that was my first session with Rik, my new bondage pet. The end.

~ by An Amazing Woman on June 25, 2010.

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