Harnesses: Choosing and Using the Right Rig for You

This Sunday from 3-5, come spend your Mother’s Day afternoon learning how to spice up your sex life with a bonding experience you won’t soon forget!!

What:Harnesses with Ms Nikki Nefarious
Where: 12428 Oxnard St NoHo 91606
When: Sunday May 9. Arrive at 2:30, the class is from 3-5
How Much: $15/individual or $20/couple at the door
Why: Because we love you

I am so stoked about being able to finally teach a Full Class on Harnesses: Choosing and Using the Right Rig for You. So far I’ve only been able to do a paritial of this class, so if you’ve seen me teach this class at Threshhold or conventions, you’re in for a treat as this will cover things above and beyond that scope.

In this full class I will teach bondage rope safety, different types of ropes, and various body harnesses from Traditional Sibari to Modern Bondage Art. Learn how to create the Japanese Box Tie or the Karada (aka Diamond or Tortoise Shell) harness. I will also teach a Basic-But-Comfy Suspension harness for both males and females.  And for those who love bondage art I will be teaching decorative body corseting, as well as a few naughty little harnesses you can make with rope. You won’t want to miss this!!

This is an Interactive Hands-On class, so be sure to bring ropes. This will be a group oriented class, not the customary 1-on-1 experience that my private class members have, however at a much reduced rate it’s a great deal, and I will be going around to each and every individual or couple as we learn each tie to make sure you have the hang of it. So no worries, you’ll still get some face time with me, I’m a sweetums like that.

Tickets are $15/individual or $20/couple at the door. We will fill to capacity and tickets will be first come first served, so come early!! However, if you would like to RSVP for the class you may send me an email to MsNikkiNefarious@gmail.com with your name and whether or not you will be bringing a guest.

~ by An Amazing Woman on May 5, 2010.

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