My Boobie Ball Debut

This past weekend marked my first ever LA Kink Fetish Weekend! I was thrilled to do 2 shows plus suspension demos for the events. The Saturday night event got some great coverage from LA Weekly so check that out for photos.

Goddess Soma and Mistress Melissa performed a show that night and I, along with a couple more Servitis L/ladies got to get in on the act. Playing to the boobie theme, as well as the Easter weekend, Goddess Soma and Mistress Melissa were sexy boobilicious nuns! I and the other Ms Nikki were naughty altar boys 😉 ahhhh the fun that was had!

~ by An Amazing Woman on April 6, 2010.

One Response to “My Boobie Ball Debut”

  1. Ms Nikki Nefarious,
    I can’t believe I missed you! The Otherworld was also there performing. Not a main show that night we had a stage set up in the adjacent dance room. I’m glad you enjoyed it as you will again be on that stage May 1st for our debut. I’m so excited this will be so much fun!!!! YOU”RE AWSOME!

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