Bound Los Angeles: March 20

I am really excited about Bound Los Angeles coming up! It’s a grassroots community driven convention featuring classes, demos, and a bondage party. If you are in the LA area and have a love for ropes and bondage, you really should come to this con.

The one thing I really dig on about this event is the LOVE that is going into it. All of the presenters are doing so on a volunteer level, simply to share the love of the art. Even the pros are coming out and donating time and education to help us rope enthusiasts learn a thing or two. Oh and even the bondage party afterwards is for charity.

There are a lot of commercial and industry bondage conventions out there, but this con is different because it caters to your regular kinky joe and jane who happen like bondage games in their personal lives. This is appealing to me on so many levels. I am so excited about getting the chance to be up close and personal with rope lovers and learn and teach and meet new folk; and you know that everyone at this con is there for the love of it!

So far here’s the class list:

  • Power bondage: the art of agressive bondage
  • Rope on Men, erotic bondage on men
  • Let’s Talk About Rope, knowing the different types and properties of rope
  • Rigging Your Harness, choose and use the right body and suspension harness
  • Predicament & Convertible Bondage, make the most out of bondage play
  • Bondage for Sex, erotic bondage techniques for all levels of experience

To buy tickets to Bound Los Angeles, go to their website:

~ by An Amazing Woman on February 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “Bound Los Angeles: March 20”

  1. My wife and i are total rope tourist (very interested, but, have never attempted to do it). Do you think this event would be fun for us and educational….or is this for the more learned rope rigger?

    Thanks 🙂

  2. This con is for beginners for the most part actually as all the classes are geared toward that. There’s three tracks of classes so there will be lots to learn and do!! 😀

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