Barefoot in the Kitchen

The following is a personal post/ramble and it’s not very interesting. So over the weekend I got grossly sick for the second time in the past few weeks after eating out. This was my lesson and I learned it well. I ate way too much food out, way too much absolute junk. My body rebelled. The thing is, I’m busy as a monkey and I don’t have time to cook when I get home because I’m typically on my way somewhere else after the work day is over. Either that or I don’t get home until ass o’clock at night and it’s way too late to eat much less start cooking. So my “previous” solution was to just grab a bite out. Ugh. Now that I have been shown that perhaps that wasn’t the best course of action I have been forced to figure out another solution. My new answer: Once-a-Month-Cooking.

Yeah. Basically you just cook a hell of a lot of all manner of meals and meal-fodder and you freeze it all in nice little individual portions or even in those neato divided plate deals for like home made tv dinners. Precious. I honestly got the idea from my friend, Pave, from back home who pretty much does this exact thing but on a way more massive scale. Anywho. I spent the entire day in the kitchen in my bare feet while the rain poured outside the window. The breeze through the kitchen was amazing. I basically put on movies and took breaks every now and then, but I finished! My goals were to cut back on carbs a smidge (bc I love carbs and eat way too much), add protein, add veggies and fish, and be able to have grab-able food. I think I did a pretty good job for my first time.  I feel all domesticy and whatnot. Here’s a breakdown of what I made.

Chicken pot pie with mashed califlower/protein powder topping
Pumpkin and root veggie curry with quinoa
All manner of omelets (I love them), veggie, sausage, fontina, eggplant, etc
Zucchini and protein parmigiana with quinoa
Honey ginger chicken
Green bean, protein casserole
Mediterranean roasted veggies
Sausage and pepper bake
Tuna croquettes
Pizza mini crusts with garlic, protein powder, pizza sauce, cheese, peppers, and onions

I’ve never done anything like this before. It was nice to cook though, though it made me homesick for my family and my kitchen because I miss cooking for them. I’m curious to see how this experiment works out. But at least now I’ve got food for a month. Take that fast food, suck it 🙂

~ by An Amazing Woman on January 19, 2010.

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