Fixe Magazine: Interview With Nikki Nefarious

Interview With Ms Nikki Nefarious
Beautiful, smart, multi talented, dominatrix, photographer & more Nikki Nefarious.
by Cary

How did you become interested in fetish/BDSM?

I knew I was interested in tying people up from a young age, 6 years old playing cowboys and Indians. It wasn’t until I was much older and in college that I realized there was a word for this and a whole slew of people with the same interest! From bondage I sort of just absorbed as much as I could, asking questions and getting trained in various and sundry elements of BDSM from people way more experienced than I was.

And how did you transition from an interest to it being a profession?

It sorta just happened that way. After business school I worked for a financial planning company and became interested in project management. During this time I was also taking bondage and fetish photos in my spare time as a sort of creative outlet from my Corporate America life. After a while at the financial company I moved into a project management role at an adult company and things just fell into place. All this time I continued my bondage art and photography and became a little more “known” in the fetish industry. There wasn’t much of that sort of industry where I was in NC, so I moved across the country. Now I am the Director of Production and Marketing for a fetish production company in Los Angeles, CA.

What can someone seeing you as a Pro Domme for the first time expect?

They can expect to obey, serve, and be subject to various forms of stimulation. I also do bondage lesson sessions, which are way more laid back and hands on, for those that wish to learn from me.

What kinds of people book sessions with you?

All kinds. I have seen CEO’s of multinational companies to clerks at retail outlets. For the most part the kind of people who book sessions all have a particular need or desire that can not be fulfilled otherwise, I merely facilitate that fulfillment.

What are your specialties?

Bondage. I tend to have a sadistic and sarcastic sense of humor so maybe “taunting” is another one of my specialties.

What kinds of equipment do you use?

Rope. I enjoy the art and form of rope bondage. It is more interactive, more energy-driven, than simply slapping a leather cuff around someone. I like them to know that they are being bound not by a generic cuff, but by art created by hand.

Do you enjoy fetishism/BDSM play in your personal life, and if so what are you into?

I am into power and energy exchange.

What advice would you have for someone just staring out in the fetish scene?

Take it slow. Truly get to know yourself and your desires, and for the love of bob don’t just start swinging a flogger at someone if you’ve never been trained!!

What inspired you to pick up a camera?

Honestly I wanted to capture beauty. I felt that being an ugly duckling I could at least create beauty and art through the lens of my camera. It seemed to work for me so I kept it up, eventually I found my own beauty.

What particular challenges do you face with erotic photography as opposed to other genres?

None. Good photography is good photography regardless of the subject matter. If you have a good concept of lighting, composition, and can emote a feeling from a photograph then you can shoot any subject you want. In fact along with my fetish and bondage photography under, I also have an editorial and fashion photography brand under In addition to a still camera I also work a video camera for my bondage site Either way I still get the same enjoyment out of shooting someone in the face, with my camera that is!

Do you prefer to shoot with film or digital?

I prefer to shoot my digital camera as a film camera. I can’t afford the film, chemicals, and set up for a darkroom so I shoot with a digital SLR; however I shoot my digital as if it is a film camera. I like to get the perfect shot in my camera with no editing needed. I was trained in film and I stick with that training. I refuse to rely on photoshop to “fix” my photos. After all I’m a photographer, not a graphic artist.

Do you think fetish is becoming part of the mainstream culture?

Absofrigginlutely! Have you seen these amazing new styles coming down the runway? There are bondage inspired shoes and outfits, designers are picking up on couture leather and even vinyl for their creations. Not to mention the bondage and fetish themes in regular sitcoms and movies.

What kind of music do you like?

All Kinds! I am a big fan of NerdCore (nerds rapping about life and nerdy stuff) because I can relate to it. My favorite nerd rappers are: MC Frontalot, YT Cracker, MC Hawking, and Optimus Rhyme. Though my favorite bands are still those that I’ve listened to since my childhood, specifically NoFX and The Cure.

What do you like to do for fun?

I love to read. I’m a big ol sci-fi dork at heart. When I don’t have any new material to read I’ll either just re-read the classics (The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, The Never Ending Story, The Wheel of Time series) or I’ll content myself with logic puzzle books. If there’s a good tree and it’s a nice day outside, I’ve been known to sit in a tree for hours just reading. When I’m not reading I tend to update my blog, found from, and post new photos and all the trouble I tend to get into.

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