Human Furniture and Living Art Centerpieces Hosted by Mistress Nikki Nefarious

Stockroom University Presents:

Stockroom University Los Angeles

Human Furniture & Living Art Centerpieces
Hosted by Mistress Nikki Nefarious

Mistress Nikki Nefarious
Thursday December 10, 2009

Location: Los Angeles Stockroom Retail Boutique
2809½ W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
$25 in Advance, $30 at the door

Please call (213)989-0334 for RSVP and ticket sales
Purchase online tickets:

Deck the halls with Human Furniture and Living Art Centerpieces! Stockroom University is proud to present a holiday-themed bondage objectification class hosted by award-winning Bondage Artist and Professional Dominatrix Mistress Nikki Nefarious! Ideal for beginners, intermediates, or those simply eager to learn about the beauty of living art incorporating bondage and objectification, Ms Nikki Nefarious’s workshop will intimately demonstrate how to create comfortable and functional human furniture and centerpieces for your holiday party that all will enjoy.

Ms Nikki Nefarious will be giving an in-depth course, teaching various forms of bondage positions to create an intimate party setting with living art and interactive centerpieces designed for functionality as well as comfort to maximize display time. Ms Nikki Nefarious’s class will focus on the following topics:

* Objectification, Public Humiliation, and Fornaphilia
* Floor Bondage techniques suitable for beginner and intermediate bottoms and Tops
* Safety and Check-In guidelines to ensure a lengthy, enriching experience
* Decorative ideas for living art and human centerpieces
* Reposition techniques and Aftercare instructions for the bondage bottom

To add to the evening’s atmosphere, we will be playing music from Robert Waechter’s GoeddeConcerto, a beautiful and haunting soundtrack inspired by our own Steve Diet Goedde’s fetish photographs.

About Mistress Nikki Nefarious:

Ms Nikki Nefarious, a lifestyle Top, also specializes in suspension bondage, corporal punishment, objectification, and slave training. Nikki Nefarious actively sessions at Servitus LA and provides education and classes through various outlets in California and the East Coast through Fetish Noir, and gives private, couples, and group bondage classes. For more information please visit

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