Puppy Love with Ms Nikki Nefarious

Ms Nikki Nefarious does her first serious on camera performance that involves on camera rigging and domination.

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Ms Nikki Nefarious takes her puppy out of his kennel for a little training. Nikki starts off by humbling her puppy with rope bondage to force him to crawl on his knees and elbows. Then she notices his begging posture needs some work so she ties him upright into position to show him the correct manner to beg.

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After her puppy fails to follow her commands, she decides it’s time to get a little more intense with her play. Nikki starts to work him over, as well as make him completely immobile by adding another layer of rope bondage to his already straining situation.

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I had so fucking much fun playing with Kade as my puppy for InescapableBondage.com. I got to do some of my favorite things: Bondage, Punching, and Kicking. I also got to beat puppy-kade with a rolled up newspaper and then feed him some of his very own dog kibble. I have to admit though, I was nervous as all hell. You see, this was the very first time I had ever done anything like this on camera. Nothing was scripted, nothing was really planned out. I just got to go in and play, just play, with Kade. Luckily I was able to go straight through without any pauses or retakes. I found that once I got into it I just forgot that the camera was there and I enjoyed the energy I shared with Kade…so we just went with it. At one point the scene was cut for time, but I told them I wasn’t done with Kade yet, so we continued to shoot and just went where we left off! They got extra footage and I got to play longer. I didn’t want it to end I was having so much fun!! When I was finally done with Kade, I told him that if he could crawl into his cage he could rest on the padded floor…he couldn’t make it and had to give up and roll over on the ground.

You have to watch this!

**Watch the Trailer**

~ by An Amazing Woman on October 28, 2009.

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  1. […] take respite from the pains of the times of late and I had a wonderful play date with kade. My fans remember the first time I played with kade as a puppy and this last time was just as fun. We didn’t do a content shoot or anything like that, but […]

  2. What a motivating article this was. Good share. But I am having problems with your RSS. I didn’t succeed to subscribe. Is there anybody else experiencing similar issue with this rss feed?

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