Home Again – A Personal Note

So far my visit home has been amazing!! I didn’t realize how exhausted I had become until yesterday though, it’s like months just brusquely ran up and clocked me square in the jaw, pointed, laughed, kicked me just as I was hitting the ground resigned to rest, and then picked me back up mocking as it sent me along to my next task.

I’m balls deep in this re-encoding and re-scripting project for FM. It is keeping me busy for most of my waking hours, but I’m blessed that I get to do my job here at home in NC! I actually forgot to schedule in things like one-on-one time with old friends, playing outside with biff, time in the hammock, relaxing naps…you know, the little-but-big things that I can’t really get in LA.

This cross country dual life living situation is rather interesting so far. I’m excited to see how this all unfolds and what will come of it. In the meantime I’m just excited as all fuck that I can even come home at all! I’m thankful I have a home to come home to. I’m thankful I have friends here who stand by me and believe in me, though we can’t spend as much face time together as we’d like.

Tomorrow night should prove to be fun! I’m thoroughly excited about going to Snug Harbor, House of Deville is going to put on a special show just for lil ol me!! I’m completely and utterly beside myself with excitement over seeing everyone there.

~ by An Amazing Woman on October 14, 2009.

One Response to “Home Again – A Personal Note”

  1. Hey Nikki,
    You look awesome! Good luck on the West Coast!!!

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