Double Suspension? Self Suspension? Both!


I suspended Sir Skip Dogg and myself at the same time from the same suspension rig at Dungeon Corp. I arrived at the party wearing kick ass fetish heels and an amazing corset lookin all bomb, but seriously I prefer comfort. Around one-ish in the am I ditched the heels and the corset with the ideal that I’d be heading out soon. However, once I was in my bare feet and the rest of me was covered in latex, yeah that does something to me.

I remedied my frustration at not finding the girl I was going to be suspending by finding the owner of Dungeon Corp and informing him that I need ropes as I was going to suspend my own self. I was tired of waiting on other folk to provide my entertainment and figured I can suspend myself easy enough, hell I’ve done it enough, so I might as well try it out in public.

As I was getting set up, Sir Skip comes up to me and informed me that he had never gone up in ropes before. The shame! I had already gotten my head on suspending myself, so I figured, ah fuck it I’ll just suspend me and Skip at the same damn time. I’m all about efficiency.

I think that this was my favorite suspension EVER! When I was done Skip and I were positioned perfectly to where we were hip to hip and nose to nose, we were both on our sides facing each other as equals. I couldn’t have rigged us more perfectly or more comfortably. We spun and danced as the lights flashed and the music played. At one point the room was spinning and we were still, everything was quiet, or at least that’s what it seemed to me at the time. Thats when I realized that Skip and I had an audience. People had literally pulled up chairs and were watching reverently to our little horizontal mid air dance. Mistress Melissa spun us around and was on hand to make sure that all was well. Skip and I held hands and pushed each other away and pulled each other closer in as we spun, gaining momentum, I was able to be more dynamic in my movements so I was able to do a sort of sit position on my side to help spin us around. I wish there were more photos of the ‘action sequence’ but the pics I got are pretty much right before and after lol.

I was so honored that I could share this with my new family there and they allowed me to do so in their presence with one of their own. No one had done anything like this there before, no one there had seen anything like it. And frankly I’m surprised they let me do it since even the owner didn’t believe I could suspend myself, much less a fully grown dude at the same time. In the end the energy was so great that I was nearly overwhelmed. In a good way. An amazing way in fact. Yes, in fact there were tears in the eyes of several onlookers.


Me rigging Sir Skip Dog


me rigging myself


Me placing Skip where I want him


me finishing putting myself into place


Sir Skip Dog and Ms Nikki Nefarious pre-spin (dig the dirty feet)


Cheesing for the camera! I'm very happy right now

~ by An Amazing Woman on October 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “Double Suspension? Self Suspension? Both!”

  1. damn, whenever we don’t stay ’till the very end we always miss something cool. You bring up a very good point- I don’t think I’ve ever seen a self-suspension, much less a self and partner suspension. Charlie B will climb on and swing with the girls, but he isn’t in ropes himself. With that in mind, when you get back into town, would you be up for doing this again for video?

  2. I’d love to!

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