Deviant Kade Latex Bound, Stretched and Suspended


Deviant Kade is one of my good friends here in Los Angeles, and he is also a model on sites like,, and He is one of the sweetest, silliest guys I know. His eyes sparkle and his laugh fills up a room. He took a fuzzy muppetfur-covered bike to burning man. He has one of the most amazing fetish wardrobe I’ve seen, and I think he and I are the same size 😉

Kade, in other words, is the cutest punkin in the punkin patch. He has such a great form for bondage and I was really excited about stringing him up! I wanted to keep the focus on his androgyny because I happen to dig that. I put him in a black latex thong, a black latex waist cincher with white piping, black latex padded mitts, and a black molded latex hood. This hood was really awesome, at least to me, especially the way it makes him drool.The little tube mouth hole is a nice touch. I  turned him into my own personal nongender-specific bondage suspension doll.

I wanted the focus to be on Kade and not on crazy annoying ropes all over the place. As such I used little ropes. As such it was a lot more painful and rigorous than something I’d typically do. As such it was amazing for me, and for Kade. I hoisted him up using leverage as I don’t use pulleys. The first leg went easily into place. As I lifted his second leg, bringing him into his full suspension position, I could feel the muscles in hid legs stretching, quivering. I love using my hands, arms, and body to lift my models into the air. I love that contact at that point, person on person. I love the process of positioning my models, arranging them just so, as they stand, then teeter, then fly, one appendage at a time. I miss that feeling when I use a pulley. Kade, though, is very flexible it seems and both he and I were surprised at the extension he was able to reach and hold.

Now before I suspend, during a photoshoot, I always set up and test the lights so I can just start snapping as soon as the model is in the air. I set up the lights for Kade’s shoot as usual and I left the model light on as I typically do. The center light unit stared at Kade and I, and as I was tying off the final lead line the flash triggered itself! Once! Twice! Then three times in quick succession! It was like Bob was snapping our photo or something. I certainly wasn’t taking photos, nor was I nor Kade triggering the flash unit. Kade heard it from his hood and thought someone else was taking photos of me tying him up or something. Creepy.

I told the flash to cram it because it was creeping me out. It listened. It kept quiet til I triggered it with the help of my camera a few moments later. Here’s a few of the photos it helped make happen (click them, they get bigger):

kadehang (4) kadehang (3) kadehang (2) kadehang (1) kade drool

~ by An Amazing Woman on September 30, 2009.

One Response to “Deviant Kade Latex Bound, Stretched and Suspended”

  1. The pictures look amazing! I’m so proud of you! 🙂

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