Latex-Clad and Bound: A Night out with Nikki Nefarious


I met Missy the first time at Club Hell. She was a vision in latex, perfectly coiffed and trimmed, perfectly ensembled and absolutely pristine and well presented. Missy enjoys her transformation time and her efforts are readily visable when she goes out to paint the town. Each and every single garment/accessory/trim coordinates, each curl of her hair is perfectly placed, each finger nail is enameled and buffed to a shine. This girl, I tell you, is the epitome of the perfect lady.

All the more for me to make messy πŸ˜‰

Those of you who know me, know that I have a thing for Objectification, specifically My little human dolls that I can mold and pose and bend (to My will). Missy does make for the perfect little human doll, does she not. Anyway Missy and I had a date at an invite-only play party. I went strapped with “the mister” and I happily tied her up a couple times and had My way with her. Believe me, she didn’t mind.

This first pose I had her in was a lot of fun and we stayed there for some time. I had her on her elbows and knees, with her ankles and wrists tied. The lead rope from her wrists was brought up into the bondage table rungs, over her head, and across her long body. I skillfully placed a “happy knot,” positioned to stimulate a certain area when I tug on the ropes. The lead was then brought down under the ankle bindings and back up into the bondage table and tied off, raising her ankles off the ground so her weight was off center, making her a slight bit wobbly and easy for Me to maneuver.

This predicament bondage position was a lot of fun to watch. When Missy’s feet got tired, she would try to lower her heavy shoes to the table, which tugged on the ropes, which added friction to the happy knot. After a while of basking in Missy in My ropes, I decided to play a bit more. I climbed onto the table and spanked her exposed bottom, making her jump and thusly adding more friction to the happy knot. Then, perched on top of the table and looking down on My art, I just grabbed hold of the ropes and went to town, tugging, pulling, tightening, twisting. All the while watching Missy grind her hips and ass into the ropes moaning, as if on cue, with each and every tug.

My very own perfect little pull-string doll!!

The rest of the evening was fun, but I am a Lady, apparently, and I do not discuss such things. Suffice to say, by the end of it, My pretty dolly was all afluster and quite disheveled. After we were done playing, I decided to tie her in a decorative karada and parade her around, smeared lipstick and all πŸ™‚




~ by An Amazing Woman on September 14, 2009.

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  1. Lucky lady!

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