Ms Nikki Nefarious to teach Corporal Punishment for Stockroom University

From JT’s Stockrooms Newsletter :

Stockroom University & Stormy Leather Present:

Corporal Punishment Workshops

It’s never fun to see summer come to an end, but Stockroom University’s upcoming Corporal Punishment workshop will make the pain of going back to school a little more pleasurable. Join us September 6th at the Stockroom’s Los Angeles retail boutique, hosted by Ms Nikki Nefarious, and September 10th at the Stormy Leather San Francisco retail boutique, hosted by Mistress Liliane Hunt, for an evening of English Corporal Punishment, and be eloquently guided through the dynamic art of old-fashioned discipline.

To help you prepare for class, we have added several more impact favorites to our Corporal Punishment Sale, available exclusively to our newsletter subscribers, such as our Wood Ping-Pong Paddle w/Holes and The Slapper Crop, on sale now until September 10!

Ping Pong Paddle w/ Holes

Gripper Clothespins

Leather Strap

The Slapper Crop

Los Angeles Corporal Punishment Workshop

Ms. Nikki Nefarious

Aimed at both tops and bottoms, the class lesson will begin with a brief overview on the history of discipline, detailing the mental and emotional aspects of corporal punishment, then progress into ways of identifying you and your play partner’s favorite disciplinary fetishes. The rest of the evening will be rounded out with tutorials on physical discipline techniques with various implements; verbal humiliation; and popular role-playing scenarios such as parent/child, prisoner/cop, teacher/student, governess/servant, and the special case of nun/priest and Catholic schoolchild.

Ms Nikki Nefarious is a Pro-Domina, award-winning bondage artist, an internationally published photographer, performer, and fetishist for all seasons. Hailing from the Southeast, but with a uniquely global outlook, Nikki prides herself on her ability to find the art and beauty in kink and vice versa. Her joi de vivre and energy is exemplified through her fetishes, from spanking and caning, to bondage and masochism, to edge play and back again. Ms Nikki Nefarious has traveled extensively for various fetish and adult industry events as a performer and educator, including the Adult Entertainment Expo, Exotic Erotic Ball, FetishCon, and more

San Francisco Corporal Punishment Workshop

Mistress Liliane Hunt

Appropriate for both the disciplinarian and the disciplined, this class will examine the discipline styles of the governess, principal, private disciplinarian and juvenile court magistrate. Mistress Liliane will outline fetish identification with Corporal Punishment along with techniques for Over-The-Knee spanking, verbal discipline, physical humiliation, paddling, belt & strap, caning and role play. The class will conclude with an opportunity for hands-on (and bottoms-on) participation and guided practice..

Mistress Liliane Hunt is a Fetishist, Disciplinarian, and a Sensual Sadist. Always having enjoyed the exchange of power in discipline and sadism, Mistress Liliane first disciplined a boy for improper behavior at the age of 10. She connects together her passions for refined and disciplined arts with her passion for BDSM. “Play, training, discipline are all a dance for me, a movement between people. I love the dance. Watching classical ballet similarly moves me with its themes of discipline, restraint, intensity, passion and beauty.”

Los Angeles Corporal Punishment Workshop

Located at the Stockroom Retail Boutique

Sunday, September 6


2809½ W. Sunset Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90026

$25 in Advance, $30 at the door

Please call (213)989-0334 for RSVP and ticket sales

San Francisco Corporal Punishment Workshop

Located at the Stormy Leather Retail Boutique

Thursday, September 10


1158 Howard Street

San Francisco, CA 94103

$25 in Advance, $30 at the door

Please call (415) 626-1672 for RSVP and ticket sales

Purchase online tickets:

Read up before the workshop! An excerpt on spanking out of the “Corporal Punishment” chapter from Midori’s book, Wild Side Sex

“…A good warm up is essential for an erotic spanking. Of course if the spanking is a punishment fantasy, you may not want to warm up and just go for the gusto. Otherwise, start with a soft caress on the fleshy part of the bottom; work up to light taps, and slowly up to heavier strikes. Varying the pace and intensity instead of a straight ramping up of intensity helps the body to eroticize the sensation and eventually get dripping wet or hard from it. Yes, you can get sopping wet or raging hard just from a sweet, slow spanking.

The position is pretty important. It’s hardest on the body to support one’s own weight, such as standing or holding one’s own ankles. If you want the spanking to be an ‘ordeal’ to be endured, you may choose that route. On the other hand, if comfort is your goal, lying down on a soft surface like a bed or a couch seems to be the easiest for the body. There are some really sexy positions too. Having a person over the knees feeds a lot of fantasy roles… Having the bottom bent over with their head trapped between the dominant’s thighs can be a very powerful position. Of course you can reverse this so the dom is sitting on the sub’s face as she grabs his legs and spanks away. Spanking during sex is fun too, although you may have to get a bit creative with your positions.”

~ by An Amazing Woman on September 6, 2009.

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