Why Hello East Coast

It’s awesome yet weird, this visit home. It’s been months upon months since I’ve seen my family, so I am so excited that I get to spend time with them while I work at Fetish Con.
So far I had made amazing contacts and have met up with some awesome old friends from last year’s con. It’s amazing how people keep in touch, you know, I am always surprised when people recognize me and say hey to me. I think that’s probably because I am so bad at recognizing faces myself.
I got asked to do a suspension tonight at the club so I think I will go on ahead and do that, it should be lots of fun. I wasn’t really planning on doing any suspensions but hey why not, I’m here anyway 🙂
Today was very chill and low-key as tomorrow is going to be busy as all crap for me. I’ll be in classes all day long, then I will be doing some bondage demo of another sort during the day. I am not really shooting on this trip, but I am meeting a lot of new models, at least for my company I work for FM Concepts. I love working for them so I’ve been trying to hit up all the model types I know out here to see about booking them when they visit LA.

Before the con I got to go meet up with some old friends at pr0nco and it was so friggin awesome to see them. Of course I didn’t get a chance to see everyone in town I miss…you know who you are…but I know that I will get some time for a charlotte-centric visit fairly soon. I miss the air over here. I miss a lot of things and people over here. In a way it’s kinda sad to know that I will be flying back to LA so soon… but I honestly have found a home there, it is where I belong. I wouldn’t trade it, I truly wouldn’t, not the place, the job, the new friends, none of it. I just wish I could add some folk back east into the fold on the west coast. As soon as I take over the world I’ll be able to get on that. In the meantime, I am having fun and working damn hard here at Con, and I’ll keep yall posted as I can.

Me and Maxine X

I got me some sexah friends!

I got me some sexah friends!

Lew Rubens suspension class

Lew Rubens' suspension class

The back of my shirt. front = who needs big tits

The back of my shirt. front = "who needs big tits"

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~ by An Amazing Woman on August 14, 2009.

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