Brunette Stiltwalker Suspension


I met Devon “Double D Delish” through some mutual friends and learned she was a stiltwalker and firebreather. She had performed with a troupe at Burning Man a couple years back and has since done the LA circuit. She was looking for something new and exciting to get into. I told her that she found the right girl!

Delish had never been tied up before in her life, “not even for fun,” she had to add. I had been interviewed for a documentary on Fetish workers a week earlier and the producer asked if I could possibly suspend someone for a b-reel of footage they wanted to slice into the question-answer part of the documentary. Essentially they wanted to see me in action as a rigger and photographer, so they asked me to set up a shoot and go to town. I talked to Delish about the possibility of using her for the documentary footage and she got more excited than I was lol! She was stoked that her first bondage experience would not only be caught on tape but would also be used for a documentary, she’s really into that sort of thing.

I had to do a full suspension on camera while talking about what I was doing, what type of ties I was rigging and why I chose to create the types of harness I’ll use. I’ve never done this before, well only in a class situation. The energy was very different with the lights and the film crew and the interviewer all out there, not quite the same as a class room and indeed different than a one-on-one photoshoot. Delish was loving it though!! I put her in a nice newbie suspension rig with some flexibility to where she could move her legs and pose and after a while I tied up her ass-length hair into the bondage! I love hair bondage!

Towards the end of the documentary shoot I had finished the photoset and was untying Delish from my ropes when the interviewer asked Delish how she was feeling, she replied “I feel great! It was awesome.” I asked her how she felt while she was up in suspension and she let me know that she could have taken a nap up there, which I personally love because I prefer it when my bondage bottoms are comfy and able to stay up longer, especially for a shoot. Before I got all the ropes off of her the interviewer asked Delish if she would do it again. Delish responded, “hell yeah,” and was very excited and high off the experience, to which I replied, “that’s my favorite part of this!!”…and the tape ran out in the camera, perfect timing!!



_DSC0122Don’t you just love the smile she has on her face!!!!!!!!!!!

~ by An Amazing Woman on July 18, 2009.

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