Nikki Nefarious: Polka Dot Pinup Latex


I recently did a shoot with Servitus LA for DDI Magazine. I got to play dress up with some pretty latex and that is always fun. So I was a pretty pinup polkadotted princess in latex, sitting on a nude bound model who was holding a wine glass inbetween her toes as she was kneeling on the floor. I love human furniture!! The model I used is a beautiful female switch who has been well trained indeed. When I met her she said, “I am here for your use during this photoshoot,” as she sat in the Nadu position, which is one of my favorites. I simply had to put her to good use after that!

Hot Dommes, switches, and slaves all piled in the dungeon in sexy latex…yeah good times right there! I did two shoots, one in the dungeon where I suspended a nude model in bondage, and the other just as a fashion shoot. These are a couple of photos from that fashion shoot. The nude bondage suspension photos will be coming up soon!




~ by An Amazing Woman on July 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “Nikki Nefarious: Polka Dot Pinup Latex”

  1. Amazing baby. I miss you.

  2. Wow, what hot photos. Nikki Nefarious is a very sexy woman and a wonderful person to work with I’ve heard. She’s the hottest new fetish artist in the U.S.

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