Fundraiser Recap

The event yesterday was a huge success, thanks to everyone who showed up to brave the sunny hot California weather. We raised a lot of money for CoRE and Meister Schmerz…even in this economy it is refreshing to see others pitch in and help out.

I had an amazing time!! The suspension performance was wonderful, though it was very hot out and I was worried about my model, Olive. Olive was a trooper though and she hung right in there, literally, as I turned her into a chandelier complete with lit candles. I was worried at first since we didn’t get any time to practice the suspension and she had just driven in from San Diego to get to the show on time. But it turned out perfectly!! Once she was up and the candles were in place, I spun her around to let the wax drip on her. After a short time (I didn’t want to keep her up for long due to the heat) I took the candles away one by one and ran them around her body so that the wax would drip even more…the last candle I removed was the middle centered one so that had the most time to drip down on her.

After the performance I manned the spanking booth and had a good time with that. After the event a bunch of us went to Servitus to have a chill after party. I am getting over some sort of sickness, but I am sure it’s just stress, either way I still had fun!! At the party we played truth or dare…I haven’t played that game with anyone but my girls in years and years so it was a lot of fun.

I love the folk out here, both in and out of the lifestyle. I miss my friends on NC so much, but it is good to know that I am in good company while I am out here away from my loved ones and family. I am hoping that I can build a family out here for myself, so far so good. Thank you to everyone who came out to support the cause… and thank you to everyone who came up and spoke to the new kid on the block. I look forward to getting to know you all better soon.

Me with the beautiful Miss Olive, I harnessed her just before we went on stage.
P1030262Miss Olive upside down!

P1030272Olive Chandelier: lit candles between toes, hands, and vag 🙂


Rope marks are sexy!

~ by An Amazing Woman on June 8, 2009.

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