Support Meister Schmerz and CoRE

We invite you to come celebrate with U/us and raise money for Meister Schmerz and CoRE LA.

Date: June 7
Time: 2pm.-9pm.
Location: Lair De Sade
6628 Lankershim blvd. North Hollywood , CA.

As this event draws near I have some more details to share with you all. This is from Goddess Soma’s blog:

Now A few weeks ago O/our friend, Meister Schmerz of CoRE and Servitus LA, lost His loft apartment to a fire. The fire destroyed His office, His dungeon and many of His personal items. His characteristic humor and deviance continue to shine through, despite the obvious devastation. He’s been heard saying multiple times, “I made it out with some of Orpheus’ fire sticks and some Vintage Rope, what more do I need?” Meister Schmerz is the Director for CoRE LA. All of CoRE LA’s tools were lost in the fire also.

W/we feel it is important for the Community to reach out to Meister Schmerz and CoRE in this difficult time. Servitus LA and Broken Door are joining forces with O/other members of the community to throw a benefit event for Meister Schmerz and CoRE. The theme of the event is a “Camp Schmerz in Montecarlo”. There will be Blackjack, pool play, a slave and Domme auction, clothing and toy auction, BBQ, DJ and dancing.

I will be doing a bondage and wax performance with Miss Olive, also of Dungeon Servitus LA, and I will be auctioning of Bondage Lessons as well. This event is going to be a lot of fun and a lot of folk are coming out to show support. You should too! This community is such a small one, and in truth all of us players are part of the same family. I love that when it boils down to it we support one another, that’s what community is all about!!

Here’s a list of companies who are donating time and resources:

Broken Door
Dungeon Servitus and Servitus LA
Mistress Cyan
PKL Industries
The Academy for Sissies
Downtown Willy
Severe Society
Smutty Productions
Baad Master
Paindancer Photography
Downtown Foto
Packman Photography
Blackula Photography
Joe Rohraff Photography
Alter Ego Leather
Sir Skipdog Tattoos

~ by An Amazing Woman on June 5, 2009.

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