New Beginnings

Yesterday was exhausting but awesome!!

As far as the MTV pics, they are all done and sent off, and I learned a hell of a lot about the industry lmao. I know I have southern sensibilities and I knew to expect some vapidness, but dayum!!!! At least I was treated with respect lol, and I guess that’s saying a lot here.

I found a place! SCORE!!! The house is in Hollywood, and it’s absolutely gorgeous and I am in love with it sooo much!! Basically it’s got this guest house out back that’s been turned into a darkroom, and the rest of the space is filled to the brim with costumes and wardrobe. The “living room” is also a studio space with EXPOSED RAFTERS, I mean come one, every suspension artist’s dream right there!!!! I can now do suspension work without an ugly frame or screwing hooks in the ceiling. YAY. The yard is also secluded so there’s plenty of outdoor porn opportunities there lmao!! Oh and the best part, it’s a house so I have a driveway and I dont have to park on the street blocks away from where I live (most of the apts I looked at her like this)

You know, I’ve never once lived in an apartment…never in my whole life…I was kinda hoping for that experience here, but yeah I couldn’t pass up this house. I’m no where near packed and I probably won’t be for a few days because my schedule is already full for this week. I haven’t scheduled anything for next week, maybe I will use that time to set up house or something. Idk, we’ll see lol.

Last night was hard for me though. I miss Josh and mia so much. Every night I get cuddles from mia, and when I’ve gone out of town for business I always find it hard to sleep without my cuddle time but I keep saying “I’ll be back home in a few days” Not this time. The time difference sucks too because it’s so lonely at night…but my 10pm here is their 1am, so it’s hard to talk to them and decompress at the end of the day. There’s lots of adjustments and I am sure that in time I’ll be alright. In the meantime I plan on doing what I do best and keeping myself busybusybusy.

I miss my friends too, but I am meeting a lot of awesome new folk and getting to hang out with some long-distance friends so that helps a lot. I need to get going…I’ve got a meeting this afternoon with GwenMedia and then tonight is a girlie night with January Seraph, et al. Tomorrow is a day shoot with Soma. Wednesday will be spent with Mz Berlin. And, and, and. lol. Ok, I’m leaving now 🙂

~ by An Amazing Woman on June 1, 2009.

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