MTV Movie Awards suite, day 1

Today I was thrown in with the wolves as I shot my very first MTV awards event. I saw and shot lots of b-listers and it was a loooooong day but it was such an amazing experience.

When I was doing marketing and organizing trade shows in Columbia I remember being in love with the energy…setting up booths and lighting, creating displays, and making sure the convention-goers stopped at the booths. I felt that same joy at the adult shows I went to, especially the parts where I would leave the booth to scout “stars” to come by and get a photo by the booth’s logo, because after all the whole purpose of being there is to attract stars and get endorsements by way of photos, everyone knows that lol!!

Today I felt all of that and more!!!

I was a paid photographer today, however I couldn’t resist stepping in to set up when the client’s booth designer was a no-show, and the client thought my design was better than the original one, so I felt rather proud of that. As far as shooting went, well that was more exciting than any other show I’ve done. I got to scout stars to get them to come to the booth so I could shoot them in a photo-op with my client’s products. It was like the best of all worlds…I got to set up, I got to scout/herd celebs, I got to shoot celebs, and the whole time I was running on the adrenaline rush of all the goings-on with the whole “gotta be here, gotta be there, gotta get this person to the booth, gotta shoot this person, gotta go the extra mile for the client” and I had an absolute blast!!

Tomorrow is the last day of the suite so I’m rather excited since it’s supposedly going to be even busier and bigger.

The coolest part is that on top of shooting AC Slater;) (who is really shy by the way!!) I also will get to walk away with loads of schwag which I am very excited about lmao!!

I like the idea of straddling the lines of fetish and mainstream entertainment…I know there are more fetish opportunities for me here, but I am hoping for more mainstream experiences like this one to sort of supplement my photographic expression. We will definitely see where that goes!!

~ by An Amazing Woman on May 29, 2009.

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