Ropes and Fashion

I love it when fetish breaks into the mainstream. It’s fun for everyone! When a local fashion photographer asked me to design and create a Vogue-inspired dress for a fashion shoot I just jumped at the chance. I have only done ropes-as-clothes for fetish events, and sadly it never really occurred to me to take good photos of my “living art”, so the only examples I had to show him were from poorly lit/blurry photos from events. That didn’t seem to phase him, he was certain I could do what he needed.

The model is a fashion model who has never been put in ropes, for play or otherwise. I gave her my customary safety debrief before I started, but this seemed to make her feel even more fearfull. I told her the dress would be heavy and there would be a lot of pressure on her ribcage as the brunt of the dress is secured there, so she should breathe from her abdomen. True enough she found that she couldnt take a deep breath and she got a little tiny bit panicy, but we worked through it. In the end she was a trooper and didn’t want me to take off the dress prematurely. Once the shoot got underway she really got into it and the breathing didn’t seem to bother her, at least until the end.

I get concerned for new models-in-bondage when they are being shot by a non-bondage photographer, especially if the bondage is what I call “endurance bondage” because that really takes a lot out of the model. Most non-bondage photographers don’t realize the internal physiological effects that a simple rope tied around a person can cause. I tend to shoot bondage very quickly and deliberately, especially with a newb, and then I get them out of the ropes as quickly as possible after. There were different sets and 3 different lighting styles the photog set up,  so by the end of it the model was pretty much at her end and had to use a chair for balance. I can tell you that I’ve never untied a person from bondage as quickly as I did with this model!! The photos turned out great though!!

Here’s a couple photos from the shoot…the first one is by the photographer at Flaming Chicken Studio and the second is one I snapped while the photographer was setting up new lighting. Oh, and ps, it took me about an hour to rig up the model!


~ by An Amazing Woman on May 23, 2009.

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