On Branching Out


I haven’t gotten much chance to do fetish work here lately because I’ve been so busy doing fashion photography for a few people. I love the change of pace though, and to be honest one of the fashion shoots was me guest rigging a vogue-inspired dress for another photographer so that only halfway counts. I feel like I am a tree that has finally taken root and is beginning to branch out. Though I feel anxious about having various “branches” flailing about in the wind, exposed, this is what is supposed to happen, it is what nature intended. At least I feel rooted in what I am doing. For the first time I feel that I am where I need to be, or at least I’m well on my way.

I can’t deny what is inside me and I can no longer hide behind my coporate facade. I won’t deny that I actually do love business analysis, DMAIC, and project management; but I dont think that’s where my focus needs to be right now. For over ten years I have done my art on a limited bases, exusing my potential for growth by keeping myself sheltered and fearful of rejection should I put myself out there. Though I am still timid in breaching this wall I’ve got going on, I have made progress. So far the experience has been a great one, though I have yet to face my biggest challenge along this path. I look forward to it.

~ by An Amazing Woman on May 7, 2009.

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