Life Update

There is a bunch of little tidbits of info to update you on what’s been going on and what is to come. I tried to organize it the best I can, so bear with me 🙂

The trip to Columbia with mia was amazing, awesome, and amazingly awesome! We got to experience the whole gambit as far as I’m concerned, there was drunken romps, there was romance, there was touristy exploration around the city, we really made the most of our visit there.

Yesterday was craziness, I was all over the place! I didn’t have a single shoot scheduled, but I did have a lot of stuff to get done after the trip with mia. Hooray for day-long errands, ugh. At least I felt accomplished at the end, but I’d rather be shooting!

At the end of the day yesterday, Josh and I went to dinner with Lisa Ann and them. I can’t get over how sweet and personable she is, and really funny too. It seems she quite the practical joker, I’ll have to keep this in mind next time we hang out. She even let me snag one of her Nat Sherman’s at the club lol. It was a little surreal to be across the table from someone who had been in an Eminem video though, bc I really had to try to not go all fan boy on her over that. I love Eminem and the music video is hilarious, wanna see…you’ll have to click here since they won’t let me embed it (spoiler: Eminem as Spock = zomgzawesome)!!

Lew Rubens and I talked a bit last night too which was nice, it’s been a minute and he’s a complete sweetiepants. I told him about a project I’m working on.  Flaming Chicken studios wants me to create a Vogue-inspired dress (or maybe two!!!) out of ropes. I think it’s to symbolize how we are slaves to fashion, and that’s a pretty damned good concept! I kinda like the change of pace as far as my ropes go, I’ve never done anything like this and I love new experiences. I heart my bondage family, ya’ll know who you are!!

I met a girl at the club last night who mentioned to a friend that she was interested in doing fetish modeling. Said friend introduced me to her and we got to chatting…seems shes into latex and bondage. Sure, ok, I can totally help out with that. It was been a while since I met a bondage-lover that was outside of a convention or scene. I have to say that watching her face light up and seeing how turned on she was getting while I told her what I could do to/for her…yeah, sometimes my job sucks 😉

I was contacted by an erotic pointillist artist, it seems she’s the only one who does pointillist art with fetish and erotica themes which is pretty cool! I love pointillism, there’s no lines, just dots! Anyway, she wants to do an original piece of me. I was really honored to be approached for this…now I have to pick some photos for her to choose from. I hate looking at photos of myself, but at the same time I am so beside myself that someone wants to create art out of me lol. Luckily she’s doing a piece on Satine Phoenix right now, so I’ve got time to browse through the me-pics and decide. I even get the signed original when she’s done!

I’ve got soooo much to do and I don’t know if I have enough time, so I’m feeling a little under the gun. Ok, maybe a lot under the gun. But it’s nothing I cant handle, well at least I hope so anyway. I am really excited about how things are moving along though. I get to meet up with Lisa Ann again in a couple of months and see how that goes. And hopefully the bondage-fashion shoot will go off without a hitch! In the meantime, today until Friday, I will have a Janice and a Kimney (aka Lil Baby Shizz) at the Ark++ to lend her costuming prowess as I try my damnedest to create this dress thinger.  Poke me if you need me, because I might be even more distracted than my typical distracted self here lately!

~ by An Amazing Woman on April 29, 2009.

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