Laurel Bound Peacock Damsel


The other day I had a great bondage shoot with a new model. Laurel likes extreme things and she wanted to be suspended by hooks, but she thought she’d rather try rope suspension first. She responded to my casting call for a Frolicon shoot, but when she let me know she wanted to try suspension I got her down to the studio ASAP!

I wanted to play with colors and mixed genres and then add a little rope into the mix of course. I had fun creating custom eyeshadows and doing her makeup. But I had even more fun getting her into costume and tying her up! She wore an open backed peacock colored dress, I had her put it on backwards so that her crotch was exposed. There’s a big awesome bow on the dress, but it really took away from her positioning overall, so I had to disguise it somehow. Hrm, why not tie her hands across her chest! Yup, that works! Her chest harness was simple and she was comfy bearing her weight on that harness as I tied her legs into place and let the back of the dress hang. She wanted to do a lotus position, but her legs were not flexible so I improved, even still it’s a striking position at least to me. Overall she lasted quite a while, moreso than we both expected, so we were able to have a little more fun during the shoot. J was on hand as a spotter, since this was her first time, but she did damned well! In the end she started going on and on about other positions she wanted to try, so hopefully she can make the trip here sometime soon and we can do some more work together!




~ by An Amazing Woman on March 17, 2009.

One Response to “Laurel Bound Peacock Damsel”

  1. This looks like it was a lot of fun! As soon as we figure out things down here, I wanna come back up and be hung from the ceiling again!

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