Gamer Girl Geekery Dream Come True!


My photos are featured on the face of this awesome new card game by Empire Games, called “I Drank What?” The guys who put this together are hilarious! Read the cover of the box, yeah that’s right, it’s the game of Wine, Poison, and Comedy. I love the “bottled by Vizzini and Roberts Bottling Co.” and the “99% Iocane Per Volume” nods they include right there on the front, it really sets the tone! Here’s the actual description from the back of the box, for those of you who don’t already own this magnificent game:

It’s the party of the year, and all your worst enemies have been invited. You have brought along a bottle of poison to help spice the evening up. Funny, so did all the other guests. With the witty banter and bumbling of the staff, you have lost track of which glasses of wine were poisoned. The only thing certain is that someone is going to die, and the survivors will have a good laugh.

It’s all in good fun, so long as you have the last laugh. So propose a toast, and drink as if there were no tomorrow, because for you tomorrow may never come.

I Drank What? is the Fast and Furiously Funny Card Game of Poison Toasts and Split-Second Treachery. It’s a Wine Tasting to Die for…
When they asked me to provide photos of this game I was so excited! Now my geek girl dreams have come true and I have them to thank. The best part is, I just finished a second shoot for the game expansion to come! These guys are a bunch of awesome people who had a dream of making fun games and I am pleased to be part of it.  You can order yours at, and though it features my photography the game itself is suitable for ages 13+ (I kept things safe!) Just to show you, here’s a sampling of some of the cards:


~ by An Amazing Woman on March 6, 2009.

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