The Stockings Were Hung


This week the Arc++ was festooned, decked, and properly gussied for the holidays to come. It was kind of our own little xmess celebration together, before the craziness of travels and family can impose its awesome will on us all.  I made Puerto Rican pork roast and mia made her excellent spanish rice.  The hubby helped get the xmess stuff down from the attic and get the lights untangled, which I was not about to do lol! We put on an old santa cartoon vhs and had our dinner right in front of the tv.

After dinner, the hubby, mia, and I put up the tree (we go fake) in the livingroom and hung the lights and ornaments. This year I decided to use only the silver ornaments, glittery snowflakes, and little disco balls. I wrapped a fake pearl garland around the tree and dressed it in a pretty satin and velvet skirt.  It looks like it’s going to a cocktail party. It didn’t invite me though, so I’m not letting it go. It’s going to sit in my livingroom. My cats do not approve of the placement of the lower ornaments. They keep knocking them off. I keep putting them back on. They keep knocking them off. I think they are being far too picky about my tree design. We’ve had some words so we’ll see how that goes.

Next there was a whirlwind of candles. Glitter candles, scented candles, colored candles, tea light candles, floating candles, electric window sill candles. My mantle is blue with a metal flashing inset, so I made the coffee table silver and blue to match. I made this ornament tree centerpiece with silver foil, blue and silver mini ornaments, and crystals strung from wire for the top. It looks pretty cute with the blue, white, and silver snowflake table runner and silver glitter candle plates.

Then I got out the candy dish. Ahhhh, the candy dish. This thing is amazing. It’s red glass with this church steeple-esque protrusion in the center of the lid, it is fluted and etched on the sides, and it is delightfully tacky. The best part about this candy dish is that it is older than I am and belonged to my grandmother on my mom’s side. Every year we gathered at Me-Me’s for xmess (it was Me-Ma’s place for thanksgiving), the whole family showed up….all of Mom’s four siblings, their wives, their kids, and their kid’s kids. Me-Me always put out this candy dish every year and every year it was full of those old-person hard candies that are multi-colored and multi-shaped but don’t really taste like anything, you know which ones I’m talking about? So yeah, every year there was this solid lumpy mass of candy in this bright red dish. I remember she would always hold the dish out to me and I’d have to take a piece, I couldn’t say no to Me-Me, so thought I loved that candy 🙂 Anyway when she passed that was the only thing I asked for. I put it out each year and fill it with that same candy.

The last things hung were the stockings by the chimney with care. They are black, of course. I love black stockings, don’t you? These weren’t hung with garters though, but that would be cool. At the end of the night it was so nice for the three of us to sit back with our drinks, enjoying the glittering lights from the tree and each others company.

~ by An Amazing Woman on December 17, 2008.

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