Presents for Portraits?


So I decided it might be neat this hellidaze season to do something a little different. So for xmess I’ve decided that anyone who gives me a present from my Amazon wishlist or my ThinkGeek wishlist will also get a portrait done by me if you wish. I wish I could shoot each and every one of you!! But I just can’t choose and I certainly can’t charge you full price for a sitting haha! I figured this might be a fun thing to do to be fair.

For the record, I’m not a gifty type person. If I find something awesome for someone I get it and give it to them, no reason, no forced holiday. I just wanted to give a gift to all the folk that want to be shot by me. Since I can’t do you all (heh heh I said “do you”), I thought it would just help equalize things, and anything over $50 guarantees bondage shots. I figure we could take the whole year of 2009 to schedule the shoot, that way if we are at the same event, or if you happen to be traveling near where I am, we can get together and I will guarantee time for you! Neat right. Everyone gets what they want, everyone is happy, and fun sexy times can be had by all who participate 🙂

So again, that’s my Amazon wishlist or my ThinkGeek wishlist. Thanks you awesome people out there!

~ by An Amazing Woman on December 13, 2008.

One Response to “Presents for Portraits?”

  1. What an offer, and I love the photo.

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